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Lessons learned from one of my first myeloma heroes

Posted on August 31 2014 | 270 views

What a nice surprise!  Last night I received an email from an old friend, Joan Liedl.  Joan was wife and caregiver to a good friend of mine, Loren, who passed away back in January of 2010.

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Just another day? Not today!

Posted on August 30 2014 | 302 views

Talk about an up-and-down day!  Today is our 27th anniversary.  It also kicks off the 2014 college football season, something that both Pattie and I are passionate about.

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Jenny and husband

Inspirational, News, Research

Yes we can! Myeloma patients can help find a cure!

Posted on August 29 2014 | 485 views

Yesterday was a game changer for me.   A reassuring visit from my guardian angel, then an exciting and energizing hour long, on-air conversation with myeloma patient and activist, Jenny Ahlstrom.

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An angel on my shoulder

Posted on August 28 2014 | 547 views

I’m sure everyone is familiar with this old saying.  I could argue that all of you–so many loyal and caring readers–are my “angels.”  But today I experienced something mysterious and spiritual during radiation therapy.

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RESEARCH UPDATE: Kyrpolis and Total Therapy 3

Posted on August 27 2014 | 468 views

I have written a number of times about counter-intuitive research results involving progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).  Here’s another key example.

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MYELOMA FLASHBACK: Recovering from my SCT

Posted on August 26 2014 | 429 views

What was I doing three years ago?  Recovering from an autologous (using my own cells) stem cell transplant at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Has it really been three years?

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About Pat, Therapy

Have you experienced side effects from radiation therapy?

Posted on August 25 2014 | 429 views

I started radiation therapy today.  It took longer than session’s I’ve experienced in the past; something to do with getting the monster machine rotated from one hip to the other.

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Proof multiple myeloma docs have personal lives, too

Posted on August 24 2014 | 688 views

Dr. Bart Barlogie is a myeloma legend.  Love him or hate him, his unbridled obsession for finding a multiple myeloma cure has been relentless.

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Cure Talk

News, Research, Tips, Transplants

Myeloma featured on Cure Talk broadcasts

Posted on August 23 2014 | 423 views

Wednesday our Cure Talk panel was fortunate to spend over an hour with Emory University’s Dr. Sagar Lonial, a well known myeloma specialist.  The focus was on ways to treat high risk multiple myeloma patients most effectively.

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Pool construction 034

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Marking time by my pillbox

Posted on August 22 2014 | 527 views

I may have written before about how much I love my new, four row pillbox.  Room for the dozen of pills and capsules that I take morning, noon and before my evening meal.

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Jenny Hack

Inspirational, News, Support

Enthusiastic reader shines as myeloma activist

Posted on August 21 2014 | 664 views

Floridian Jenny Hack is a regular reader and member of the Jacksonville Multiple Myeloma support group.  I met her a number of years ago, and was happy to see her again at the meeting last week.  Jenny has become a focused and dedicated activist, working hard to help get oral chemotherapy meds paid for like IV chemotherapy drugs are, not as part of  more expensive drug plans.

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According to ASCO, a neutropenic fever is a very dangerous thing

About Pat, News, Side effects, Tips

According to ASCO, a neutropenic fever is a very dangerous thing

Posted on August 20 2014 | 538 views

It is so sad to hear that Arnie has passed away.  We met him briefly at your beach party, and I am sorry now that I didn’t take the time to visit longer.  I think back when I was first diagnosed, and I became somewhat familiar with the regulars who posted here almost five years ago now.  I wonder how man of those voices are silent now…

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Patient Snapshot Update: Chuck from Georgia

Inspirational, News, Tips, Transplants

Patient Snapshot Update: Chuck from Georgia

Posted on August 19 2014 | 449 views

The promise of becoming part of exciting, new clinical trials can be intoxicating.  But most only work for less than half of the patients that sign up.

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News, Research

Immunotherapy clinical trial for smoldering myeloma looking for patients

Posted on August 18 2014 | 601 views

I’m feeling much better.  Time to focus on something other than me!

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fernandina beach

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MEDICAL UPDATE: News is mixed

Posted on August 17 2014 | 882 views

Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments and emails!

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About Pat

I’m sick…

Posted on August 16 2014 | 763 views

Never a dull moment.  I woke up last night with a 101 degree fever.  It’s my fault; I pushed too hard this week.

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Dr. Lawenda

Research, Supplements/Drugs, Tips

IP6 follow-up

Posted on August 15 2014 | 455 views

A few days ago I wrote a skeptical post about a supplement called IP6.  I have received a number of comments and emails supporting the use of IP6 since then.  I’m good with that.  It may or may not help slow the advance of multiple myeloma.

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Have multiple myeloma and need help?  Visit a support group!

About Pat, Caregivers, Inspirational, Support, Transplants

Have multiple myeloma and need help? Visit a support group!

Posted on August 14 2014 | 458 views

I was fortunate to be a guest at the multiple myeloma support group that meets monthly at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville last evening.  But it wasn’t my first visit.  Five years ago I drove across Florida to speak to the group and promote my first book, Living with Multiple Myeloma.

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Research, Supplements/Drugs

Is immunosupplement, IP6, the real deal?

Posted on August 13 2014 | 926 views

Anyone familiar with a supplement called IP6?  A reader, Richard, swears it has stopped his myeloma in its tracks when other more conventional meds weren’t helping at all.

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