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Statistics meaningless when we’re a clinical trial of one

Posted on November 29 2015 | 257 views

As often happens after I memorialize someone, I got several emails from others that recently lost their loved ones this weekend. A reader/caregiver graciously thanked me for sharing my journey Friday, revealing that she had lost her husband after a short, six month struggle with multiple myeloma.

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Dr. Rosen


Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part Five)

Posted on November 28 2015 | 339 views

Earlier this week, Danny Parker posted some compelling evidence that a drug commonly used to help control blood sugar in diabetics, metformin, may possess significant anti-myeloma properties. But could it work even better when combined with other drugs?

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T cell immunotherapy advancing rapidly

Research, Therapy, Transplants

T cell immunotherapy advancing rapidly

Posted on November 27 2015 | 564 views

Tuesday night I was part of a panel that questioned myeloma T cell therapy pioneer, Dr. Ivan Borrello of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. The hour shed light on how and why researchers are so hopeful about the potential of T cell immunotherapy.

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Jeanie Nebraska – Copy

Caregivers, Inspirational, RIP

I’m thankful for my myeloma friends, alive and past

Posted on November 26 2015 | 569 views

Thanksgiving is all about family and friendships. I have made some amazing friends during my myeloma journey. Some I’ve never met. We’ve simply emailed regularly for years.

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Financial aid: Takeda wants to help. Lets work together

Posted on November 25 2015 | 647 views

I had an opportunity to interview several Takeda Pharmaceutical team members about the company’s new oral, proteasome inhibitor, Ninlaro (ixazomib), yesterday afternoon.

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Dr Orlowski

Nutrition, Research, Supplements/Drugs, Therapy

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part Four)

Posted on November 24 2015 | 612 views

Following the news that not one but two new myeloma therapies are newly FDA approved, is it possible that the diabetes drug, meformin, could be a third? Before I post the fourth installment of Danny Parker’s series, I wanted to update everyone about how I’m holding up.

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Blood sugar graph

Diagnostics, Nutrition, Research

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part Three)

Posted on November 23 2015 | 643 views

I don’t think I’ve ever slept as much as I did this weekend. Coming off my first pomalidomide/dex maintenance cycle, I hit the wall. If I didn’t know better I’d say my GI issues are improving. Time will tell. It’s been two steps forward, one back.

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Ninlaro should be a great drug, but storm clouds on the horizon

News, Research, Side effects, Supplements/Drugs, Support, Therapy, Tips

Ninlaro should be a great drug, but storm clouds on the horizon

Posted on November 21 2015 | 1,145 views

By most accounts, ixazomib (trade name, Ninlaro) should work as well or even better than Velcade. Preliminary reports are hopeful that adverse side effects may be fewer and more tolerable, too. “But storm clouds on the horizon?”

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News, Research, Supplements/Drugs, Therapy

BREAKING NEWS: An historic week for multiple myeloma therapy

Posted on November 20 2015 | 503 views

The FDA approved Takeda’s oral proteasome inhibitor, ixazumib, late this morning. First daratumumab on on Monday and now ixazomib today. Velcade and Revlimid were FDA approved in the same year, but I don’t believe in the same week or even month. This is an historic breakthrough for myeloma patients everywhere in the United States. Access to two new drugs from two different pathways that show significant anti-myeloma effect.

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UW slippers

About Pat, Nutrition, Side effects, Support, Tips, Transplants

Day 30: Diarrhea and dexamethasone

Posted on November 20 2015 | 919 views

Day 30. 30 days since the first half of my 8 million+ stem cells were infused back into me up in Iowa City. I was suspicious of a conspiracy; that my cells would be altered and I’d emerge an Iowa Hawkeye. No way! I still bleed Badger Red.

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Diagnostics, Nutrition, Research, Side effects

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part Two)

Posted on November 19 2015 | 921 views

Could it be that newly diagnosed myeloma patients might benefit and live longer if prescribed the diabetes drug, metformin? Possibly relapsed patients, too? Here is the second installment of Danny Parker’s series:

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Nutrition, Support, Tips

Blood Glucose, MGUS, Myeloma & Metformin (Part One)

Posted on November 18 2015 | 1,027 views

Last month our old friend and guest columnist, Danny Parker, approached me about writing a multi-part series about his passion: helping to control multiple myeloma using a combination of lifestyle, diet and possibly complimentary drugs not normally used to treat myeloma.

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Daratumumab (Darzalex) FDA approved for relapsed myeloma patients

News, Research, Supplements/Drugs, Therapy

Daratumumab (Darzalex) FDA approved for relapsed myeloma patients

Posted on November 17 2015 | 1,241 views

According to officials at the FDA, yesterday “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted accelerated approval for Darzalex (daratumumab) to treat patients with multiple myeloma who have received at least three prior treatments.”

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News, Supplements/Drugs, Therapy

BREAKING NEWS: FDA approves daratumumab

Posted on November 16 2015 | 943 views

I expected daratumumab to garner FDA approval sometime after ASH. So when I saw a news alert earlier today announcing that Darzalex had been approved, I didn’t pay any attention. But it didn’t take long for me to figure out that Darzalex is the new trade name for daratumumab. By any name, this is wonderful news.

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Inspirational, News, Side effects, Transplants

Patient Snapshot Update: Transplant survivor David from Tampa

Posted on November 16 2015 | 837 views

We’ve been following the progress of allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant survivor, David, from Tampa, for a year. The young myeloma patient handled the difficult procedure better than most, but he openly expressed disappointment that his transplant didn’t completely snuff out his cancer.

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About Pat, Side effects, Tips, Transplants

Good days? Bad days? Try both!

Posted on November 15 2015 | 1,199 views

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve had better.

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Healthmonitor Magazine: Special Focus on Multiple Myeloma

About Pat, News

Healthmonitor Magazine: Special Focus on Multiple Myeloma

Posted on November 13 2015 | 1,188 views

If a tree falls in the forest–and no one hears it–did it fall at all? If I’m on the cover of Healthmonitor Magazine promoting multiple myeloma awareness–and I can’t find the article or cover shot online–did anyone read it?

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My old friend keeps on biking

Inspirational, Support

My old friend keeps on biking

Posted on November 12 2015 | 990 views

I’ve met some amazing people on my myeloma journey. One of the most memorable is my good friend, Andy Sninsky.

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About Pat, Side effects, Transplants

Thank God I’m Alive!

Posted on November 11 2015 | 1,077 views

I’ve been battling top to bottom GI issues. So much nausea and diarrhea that Pattie suggested I skip the hour drive to attend Mayo Clinic’s monthly support group meeting. I reluctantly agreed.

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