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Hotel Information for Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 2017


Hotel Information for Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 2017

Posted on January 04 2017 | 256 views

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Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 2017

Pat's Myeloma Survival School

Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 2017

Posted on December 05 2016 | 853 views

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It’s Almost Time!


It’s Almost Time!

Posted on March 30 2016 | 2,135 views


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We Still Have Room!


We Still Have Room!

Posted on March 26 2016 | 1,447 views

We will all be meeting in Fernandina Beach, FL next Friday already! The excitement continues to grow as we continue to get everything in place.

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Pat's Myeloma Survival School

We are only 10 days away!

Posted on March 22 2016 | 1,356 views

Can you believe it?  In 10 days, we will all be gathering for the 2016 Pat’s Myeloma Survival School in Fernandina Beach, FL.  We are so excited to see everyone and share great information for both patients and caregivers from our amazing speakers. We are looking forward to spending time with all of our friends, old and new and remembering all the fun we have while we are there! Also, a part of the weekend is our fun 5K Beach Walk and a Silent Auction with unique items from all different geographical areas.  Registration is only $60/person and includes access to all speakers and activities, 4 meals and a swag bag. If you have not registered yet and want to join us for this unforgettable weekend, you can still register here:

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Womens Club Pic

Pat's Myeloma Survival School

Great News-Focus Groups are Back!

Posted on March 09 2016 | 1,820 views

Fernandina Beach Women's Club

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Pat's Myeloma Survival School

Pat Gave Us His All, And Continues To Do So With An Outstanding Survival School. By Gary Petersen

Posted on February 25 2016 | 2,799 views


Pat’s Beach Party Memorial is now Pat’s Myeloma Survival School, and before he so tragically left us, he put together an outstanding program for the newly diagnosed and long term myeloma survivor.  As only Pat could do, he has lined up some of the best and most knowledgeable myeloma doctors and patient advocates to present the World of Myeloma According to Pat.

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Countdown Has Begun!

Pat's Myeloma Survival School

Countdown Has Begun!

Posted on February 22 2016 | 2,887 views


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About Pat

A Special Tribute to an Incredible Friend

Posted on February 12 2016 | 6,917 views


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About Pat, Diagnostics, Side effects, Transplants

I’m not dead yet!

Posted on February 08 2016 | 12,169 views

The commonly used name here for plasmapheresis is plasma exchange. I”m being hooked up for my third, three hour round of plasma exchange. Honestly, I’m in pretty bad shape.

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About Pat, Side effects, Support, Transplants

Tough day for me and my blood

Posted on February 06 2016 | 4,326 views

Plasmapheresis and dialysis on the same day? My body is buzzing; literally buzzing. But it all seems to be working.

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About Pat, Diagnostics, Side effects, Transplants

My world turned upside down

Posted on February 06 2016 | 4,639 views

As difficult as my myeloma journey has become, the one silver lining has always been my excellent kidneys; no worries on that front. That all changed today. I learned today that my kidneys are/have failed.

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Dr. Guerrero

About Pat, Diagnostics, Side effects, Transplants

Medical mystery worthy of reality TV

Posted on February 05 2016 | 3,220 views

I’m a medical mystery. Why should I be surprised? Some of the medical news is good. But overshadowing basic improvement are a long list of unanswered questions. I’ve never had more blood drawn in my life!

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About Pat, Caregivers

Enough drama already!

Posted on February 04 2016 | 2,688 views

Ongoing struggles recovering from my second stem cell transplant in six months make it easy to write compelling posts. But enough already! I was admitted to our local Baptist hospital last night after an emergency room visit that revealed I had pneumonia that was getting worse by the hour.

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News, Research

Kyprolis effective for some patients that have used Velcade

Posted on February 02 2016 | 2,027 views

MedPage Today reported on a new, retrospective study involving Kyprolis over the weekend. It makes my myeloma specialist, Dr. Tricot, look pretty smart for using Kyprolis as part of my three drug post transplant consolidation therapy.

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About Pat, Side effects, Tips, Transplants

I’m celebrating 100 days post tandem today

Posted on February 01 2016 | 2,490 views

It’s been 100 days since I received an infusion of over 8 million of my own stem cells in October. Even though it was my second stem cell transplant in less than six months, this is uncharted territory for me.

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About Pat, Diagnostics

No pants? A comical look back at my trip to Iowa City

Posted on January 30 2016 | 2,378 views

Back in December I experienced an unpleasant ordeal after I was blindsided by C. diff while traveling to the University of Iowa for follow up tests ten weeks after the second of my two stem cell transplants. But as those close to me know, there was a comical edge to my experience. Yesterday I discovered the transcript of a post I’d started, highlighting my crazy experience in Iowa City. Here’s an inside look at my “out of my clothes” experience.

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MMRF logo

Inspirational, News

Cure Magazine searching for myeloma heroes

Posted on January 29 2016 | 2,640 views

I’m always writing about a new myeloma hero that I’ve met–or someone that we’ve lost. Sounds like Cure Magazine is determined to identify and recognize them. They even use the term, “myeloma hero.”

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Inspirational, Research, Tips

Isn’t battling myeloma hard enough without having to raise money, too?

Posted on January 27 2016 | 1,682 views

An amazing over-the-top (pun intended) multiple myeloma awareness and fundraising mountain climbing adventure scaling Mr. Kilimanjaro sponsored by the MMRF:

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