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I-131-CLR1440 radiation/chemo combo designed to hit myeloma hard

Posted on April 18 2015 | 182 views

Is radioactive chemo any crazier than using marijuana or Cialis to help kill myeloma cells?  Apparently not.  I say, “Keep it all coming–throw enough at the wall and something’s bound to stick.  Remembering how different multiple myeloma is for all of us, we need all the “wall sticking” we can get!

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Could it be true?  Marijuana may help slow down myeloma


Could it be true? Marijuana may help slow down myeloma

Posted on April 17 2015 | 374 views

Here’s a great post for late Friday night!  I’ll be curious to see what our resident marijuana expert, Hayden, thinks about it:

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Kyprolis/Cytoxan/dex knocks me out on infusion days

Posted on April 16 2015 | 447 views

As a titillating tease for an upcoming series of posts, I met for an hour and a half with Mayo Clinic’s Head of Hematology this morning, Dr. Asher Chanan Khan.  But that comes later.  Today I wanted to update you about how I feel after completing my second day of therapy.

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Working (and playing) in Boston

Posted on April 15 2015 | 624 views

Pattie and I returned home late last night after a whirlwind trip to Boston.  We flew up and back for two days of myeloma related meetings.

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Adaptive Biotechnologies logo

Diagnostics, Research

High tech diagnostics emerging to battle most complicated cancer

Posted on April 14 2015 | 464 views

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) just announced  a collaboration with Adaptive Biotechnologies, the University of Torino and Amgen/Onyx to perform sequencing-based assessment of minimal residual disease (MRD) on hundreds of multiple myeloma patients.

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Cytoxan works surprisingly well for some patients

Posted on April 13 2015 | 588 views

Such a simple abstract, with so many lessons to learn.  Example of how Cytoxan and dex–at low doses–helped a relapsed patient in kidney failure stay stable for almost two years:

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Could new blockbuster myeloma therapy be right for me?

Posted on April 12 2015 | 862 views

Tuesday I was a guest panelist on Jenny Ahlstrom’s radio show.  The broadcast featured one of the new therapies for late stage myeloma patients that CrowdCare Foundation is considering for funding.  By the end of the program, I was considering joining this new, innovative trial myself!

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Oops! I Forgot my own anniversary…

Posted on April 11 2015 | 360 views

The 8th anniversary of my multiple myeloma diagnosis has unceremoniously come and gone:            April 3rd, 2007.

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Next year’s Beach Party planning off to an early start

Posted on April 10 2015 | 407 views

One of the amazing things about the final day of this year’s Beach Party: no one wanted to leave!  Instead, the 70 or so remaining patients and caregivers stayed, shared suggestions and started to help us plan next year’s event.   Volunteers stepped forward, committees were formed.  Michele and Stephanie even started a Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party Facebook group to help everyone keep in touch.

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Dr. S

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Reflections from a very long day…

Posted on April 09 2015 | 809 views

I’m apprehensive about starting my new therapy next Wednesday.  Took my last dose of pomalidomide today.

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alaska airlines logo

News, Tips

Ignorance is no excuse!

Posted on April 08 2015 | 902 views

My head snapped around after hearing “multiple myeloma” in this clip on CBS this Morning today.  Apparently Alaska Air kicked a family off the plane because a myeloma patients was flying home to undergo chemotherapy later that day:

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Cinderella story ends: Duke outlasts Wisconsin

Posted on April 07 2015 | 381 views

A good friend and fellow multiple myeloma survivor emailed me before last night’s championship game between the University of Wisconsin and Duke:  “Just because the Badgers win the national title doesn’t mean you can now go in peace. We’re just getting started. You need to stick around for all of it.”  Pattie and I  laughed out loud.

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Posted on April 06 2015 | 365 views

It was difficult to get anything done today; our Wisconsin Badgers are playing Duke tonight for the National Championship.

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Eating a healthy diet important for myeloma patients

Tips, Transplants

Eating a healthy diet important for myeloma patients

Posted on April 05 2015 | 634 views

One of the most interesting presentations at this year’s Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party event featured Danny Parker’s review of nutritional basics for myeloma patients.   It reminded me of a column he wrote about it three years ago.  Over 11,000 myeloma patients and caregivers have referenced it since then.

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BREAKING NEWS: Myeloma pioneer may leave UAMS


BREAKING NEWS: Myeloma pioneer may leave UAMS

Posted on April 04 2015 | 1,439 views

Several Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy (MIRT) patients have contacted me, concerned that world renowned myeloma specialist, Dr. Bart Barlogie, may be leaving UAMS in Little Rock.

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We should all pay more attention to test results

Posted on April 03 2015 | 752 views

Think I have an advantage knowing a lot of myeloma specialists?  How about the invaluable help I get from our readers?  Check-out the sage advice a patient and caregiver from Michigan emailed me on Tuesday:

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Leading myeloma specialist speaks out against high cost of chemo

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Leading myeloma specialist speaks out against high cost of chemo

Posted on April 02 2015 | 616 views

While I feverishly work to contact my transplant coordinator at Cigna, exchange faxes and emails with Iowa, Mayo and my local 21st Century Oncology office, life goes on.  I’ve always respected Dr. Rajkumar at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  He takes care of his patients and tries to keep an eye on costs:

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CBS reports on another biologic cancer miracle

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CBS reports on another biologic cancer miracle

Posted on April 01 2015 | 806 views

Last month HBO ran an expose’ about cancer therapy that  reminded us how well one of the latest measles viral patients, Stephanie from Minnesota, was doing.  The experimental procedure was touted as a C-change in treating cancer:

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Long shot or not, Iowa City here I come!

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Long shot or not, Iowa City here I come!

Posted on March 31 2015 | 1,376 views

I’d made my decision: no transplant.  The majority of myeloma experts–especially transplant docs–agreed.  So did Pattie.  Then a single phone call changed it all.

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