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Begone, cramps!

Posted on May 24 2015 | 361 views

I’ve been getting lots of great suggestions about ways to try and stop cramping in my hands and legs via comments and email.  Knowing so many of you face similar challenges, here are some past posts with ideas about ways to help from readers:

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Patient Snapshot: Tom from Ohio (Part Twenty Seven)

Posted on May 22 2015 | 482 views

A month ago I posted an email update about multiple myeloma patient and allogeneic transplant survivor, Tom Brennan, from Ohio.  Tom’s wife, Whitney, was kind enough to pass it along; I had been hearing from a number of readers that were concerned about how Tom was doing:

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Doctors Baldino and Lee

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Exciting new research needs funding

Posted on May 21 2015 | 401 views

May 13th I was part of a patient panel asking researchers, Dr. Carmen Baldino, PhD, and Dr. Kelvin Lee, MD.  They are working on an incredible new myeloma therapy that may be able to cure–YES, CURE–patients with 14;16 genetic translocations; sort of a lucky genomic loophole.

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Have any of you battled three hours of hand cramps?

Posted on May 20 2015 | 616 views

I want to apologize.  I didn’t post yesterday; one of the first times I missed a daily post in six years.  Few know I’ve posted that long.  Three years ago we changed blogging platforms and I lost a lot of my original content.  But this WordPress is a lot more sophisticated, so move probably a good thing.  Why not post?

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Tom Brokaw’s misfortune may be our big break!

Inspirational, News

Tom Brokaw’s misfortune may be our big break!

Posted on May 18 2015 | 767 views

Loyal reader, Stephanie from Ohio, emailed me some amazing news.  Apparently Tom Brokaw’s medial blitz has rocketed multiple myeloma to the number one searched term on the internet this weekend!

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Therapy karma catches up to me

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Therapy karma catches up to me

Posted on May 17 2015 | 815 views

I understand some of you have endured difficult side effects while using Revlimid and/or Velcade.  Sure, walking around borderline neutropenic often left me feeling a bit fatigued.  But I was one of the lucky ones; except for later in the day of RVD therapy–which left me feeling wiped-out and fluish–Rev and Velcade were no big deal for me.

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What if drug developed to treat more common cancers zaps myeloma?

News, Research

What if drug developed to treat more common cancers zaps myeloma?

Posted on May 15 2015 | 650 views

With so much going on in my myeloma world, I almost forgot about the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in Chicago early next month.  I’m not going this year.  But I’ll have my ear-to-the-ground and pass along any big news.

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First myeloma immunotherapy drug not a game changer

Posted on May 14 2015 | 689 views

My red blood counts crashed over the past 24 hours; it’s taken me some time to adjust.

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Tom Brokaw’s book

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Tom Brokaw’s book about myeloma out today!

Posted on May 13 2015 | 998 views

I went long yesterday because I wanted to free up time to preview a copy of Tom Brokaw’s new book, A lucky Life Interrupted.  Doesn’t hit news stands and sites until today.  I was very pleased.  A must read for all myeloma patients and caregivers!

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Decision time: modified auto, allo or drug roulette? (Part Two)

Posted on May 12 2015 | 1,088 views

I was facing three therapy options, all with significant upsides–and a host of downsides, too.  I spent several weeks, kicking-the-can-down-the-road, facing a what I considered to be an impossible decision.  None of them were jumping out at me.  I was paralyzed, spinning my wheels.

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Decision time: modified auto, allo or drug roulette? (Part One)

About Pat, News, Side effects, Support, Therapy, Transplants

Decision time: modified auto, allo or drug roulette? (Part One)

Posted on May 11 2015 | 805 views

I ended Saturday’s post this way:  “I’ve had an epiphany.  I like the sound of  ‘in my future.’  This has been a game changing week for me, full of amazing coincidences, reaffirming phone calls–and signs.  Some ‘signs’ are too improbably to ignore.”

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Urinary tract infection unlikely villain causing my fever

Posted on May 09 2015 | 667 views

The mystery infection revealed itself to me.  My urine was darkening by the day, accompanied by tell-tale stinging.  They say urinary tract infections (UTIs) are unusual in men.  Good to know I’m not just another guy!

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Tom Brokaw 2

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Tom Brokaw’s program about his multiple myeloma a pleasant surprise

Posted on May 08 2015 | 1,316 views

I promised to give everyone an update about how I’m doing today.  The antibiotics are working and I’m doing OK.  But I’m guessing many of you watched Tom Brokaw’s one hour special about multiple myeloma on Dateline NBC last night.  I’ll put off posting details about my ongoing recovery to share information about last night’s broadcast.

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Tom Brokaw interview tonight on NBC


Tom Brokaw interview tonight on NBC

Posted on May 07 2015 | 714 views

Sensing so much interest following my posts about Tom Brokaw, I wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Brokaw will be featured on a Dateline NBC broadcast tonight at 10 PM Eastern.  And I ordered a copy of his book for delivery on the release day: May 12th.

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Looks like Finnegan is out of the woods

Posted on May 06 2015 | 558 views

While I’m impatiently waiting to learn what’s causing my fever–and if Levaquin is the right antibiotic to take care of it–I thought I’d update everyone about how Finnegan is doing.  Based on emails and comments I got after reporting he was sick, more of you are interested in his prognosis than mine!

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Mystery infection hanging on

About Pat, Diagnostics, Side effects, Tips

Mystery infection hanging on

Posted on May 05 2015 | 798 views

My four day long, unrelenting fever is ongoing.  I described it as a “neutropenic” fever yesterday, because it felt so much like a half dozen others I’ve had in the past.  Turns out I was wrong.

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About Pat

Our dog hospitalized. Am I next?

Posted on May 04 2015 | 727 views

Our Island Dog, Finnegan, almost died last week.  Most likely ate something toxic on one of our beach walks.  Oops!  Guess I buried the lead.  I’m sick, too.

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To imply multiple myeloma is manageable indefinitely disingenuous

Posted on May 03 2015 | 1,367 views

A number of readers chimed in about yesterday’s post.  I don’t know if Tom Brokaw understands the ins-and-outs of a typical myeloma patient’s disease progression.  Maybe he does.  Regardless, the attention his book is already bringing to our cancer is a good thing.  I doubt its his fault that writers unfamiliar with myeloma make it seem less daunting than it is.

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Tom Brokaw cover shot

Books, Inspirational, News

Tom Brokaw’s new book celebrates his remission

Posted on May 02 2015 | 1,333 views

Fellow myeloma patient, Tom Brokaw, is back in the news again; he’s written a book about his experience.

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