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Beware of unannounced prescription drug changes

Posted on November 22 2014 | 86 views

Recently I have experienced several disconcerting changes in my prescribed medication.  In one case, pills that were once thin and white were now thicker and green.  The bottle said that the medication was the same inside.  But was it?  What gives?

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Myeloma specialist leads Miles for Myeloma

Posted on November 21 2014 | 215 views

How refreshing; a myeloma doc that gets involved and gives back.  Outstanding!

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Listin to brodcasts featuring myeloma’s best: Dr. Gareth Morgan (UAMS) and Dr Vincent Rajkumar Mayo Clinic

Posted on November 20 2014 | 290 views

Sorry for the delay.  Cure Talks (new name, updated site) has been under construction.  Click on the link below:

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Dr. Morgan 3

Diagnostics, Inspirational, News, Tips, Transplants

Dr. Gareth Morgan: New pathway to a cure!

Posted on November 19 2014 | 559 views

Last night’s Cure Talks broadcast was both encouraging and overwhelming.  Myeloma Institute of Research and Therapy (MIRT) Director, Dr. Gareth Morgan, spent a great deal of time discussing upcoming advances in myeloma therapy and diagnostics.  This wasn’t more of the same.  Dr. Morgan revealed a number of new, innovative approaches being initiated now in Arkansas.

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Early myeloma related ASH announcements

Diagnostics, News, Research, Supplements/Drugs, Therapy

Early myeloma related ASH announcements

Posted on November 18 2014 | 439 views

I’ve very excited!  Yesterday my registration materials arrived for next month’s American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meetings in San Francisco.  And like clockwork, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have started issuing press releases promoting presentations featuring clinical trial results to be presented there.

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Dr. Morgan UAMS

News, Research

Does Total Therapy cure multiple myeloma? Speak with new Myeloma Institute Director live!

Posted on November 17 2014 | 762 views

The next Cure Panel Talk Show Tuesday afternoon features Dr. Gareth Morgan.  This is a really big deal and a great get; Dr. Morgan was recently named at Dr. Barlogie’s replacement at the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy (MIRT) in Arkansas.

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Follow up visit to Mayo Clinic a wise decision

About Pat, Tips

Follow up visit to Mayo Clinic a wise decision

Posted on November 15 2014 | 548 views

I want to reassure so many of you that emailed and contacted me via Facebook that I’m OK.  But it’s a good thing I dropped everything and drove down to Mayo Clinic yesterday afternoon.

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About Pat

Skin cancer makes a return visit

Posted on November 14 2014 | 543 views

Who ever thought hearing that I had skin cancer would be good news?

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Diagnostics, Inspirational, Research, Tips

Danny Parker: Thoughts from the Edge of Relapse

Posted on November 13 2014 | 724 views

He’s back!  My dear friend and spiritual leader, Danny Parker, has had a tough year.  After some subtle arm twisting, Danny agreed to share his experiences with our MMB readers:

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MMORE_Photos_Color_Web (3 of 19)-1

Caregivers, Inspirational, Transplants

MMORE: a small foundation that’s making a BIG difference!

Posted on November 12 2014 | 549 views

If you follow my blog, you know I’m excited about the possibility of smaller, more targeted and nimble foundations.  Here’s a wonderful example of how this works.

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Mayo Clinic drama–and some good advice from a reader

Posted on November 11 2014 | 500 views

Doctors at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, biopsied three different spots today.  Good thing Dr. Roy pulled some strings to get me in so quickly!

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It wasn’t easy, but I’m off to much needed dermatology check at Mayo

About Pat, Side effects, Tips

It wasn’t easy, but I’m off to much needed dermatology check at Mayo

Posted on November 10 2014 | 417 views

Sometimes getting a consult isn’t easy.  I was diagnosed with melanoma in the fall of 2011.  A nurse admitted it was most likely a second cancer, a result of long term Revlimid use.  A compromised immune system and the Florida Sun don’t mix!

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About Pat, Side effects

Reflecting back on a close call

Posted on November 09 2014 | 649 views

Something concerning happened to me Sunday afternoon.  Pattie and I were driving together running errands.  I needed to turnaround on the main route into town and head back home.

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News, Research

FDA approval of panobinostat unlikely

Posted on November 07 2014 | 390 views

As I reported yesterday, an FDA committee has reviewed clinical trial results for the experimental myeloma drug, panobinostat.  Five of seven committee members voted not to recommend FDA approval.

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News, Research

Panobinostat gets a “thumbs down” in preliminary FDA hearing

Posted on November 06 2014 | 499 views

Apparently safety concerns caused five of seven Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) members to recommend the FDA not approve Novartis’ new myeloma therapy, panobinostat.

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Side effects, Therapy, Tips

Pomalidomide side effects

Posted on November 06 2014 | 512 views

My readers know that I’m currently using pomalidomide (Pomalyst).  So I get lots of questions about when its best to use it and possible side effects.

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Researchers working hard to help us!

Posted on November 05 2014 | 457 views

Here’s a research update; several different drug developments that may help us live longer and better:

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Vote for candidates that will increase NCI funding

News, Support

Vote for candidates that will increase NCI funding

Posted on November 04 2014 | 396 views

Pollsters are constantly asking voters which issues are most important to them; jobs, national defense or various social issues.  I’m basically a one issue voter.  I want to see the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) decimated budgets restored–and then increased.

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Inspirational, News, Research

Research breakthroughs excite leading myeloma expert

Posted on November 03 2014 | 948 views

Most people don’t think of medical research as inspiring.  But spend ten minutes with renowned myeloma expert, Dr. Ken Anderson, and you might change your mind.  The guy is one of the most optimistic, positive people I know.  Surprising, considering dealing with cancer all day could be viewed as a real downer!

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