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Happy Anniversary! Married 28 years

Posted on August 30 2015 | 171 views

I often write about myeloma related anniversary’s: another year of survival, key dates from stem cell transplants present and past. Today’s anniversary has nothing to do with cancer. My wife and I were married in Madison, Wisconsin, 28 years ago.

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Greg Brozeit: History of Patient Advocacy in U.S.

Research, Support

Greg Brozeit: History of Patient Advocacy in U.S.

Posted on August 29 2015 | 252 views

Guest columnist, Greg Brozeit, is at it again. Put your thinking caps on. Greg shares more of his outside-the-box, global perspective with us today, this time focusing on patient advocacy:

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My Medical: Good news, but myeloma storm clouds on horizon

Posted on August 28 2015 | 689 views

As promised, I’m glad to share an update about how I’m doing, 48 days post-transplant. So far, so good!

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DR Richardson

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BREAKING NEWS: Daratumumab pushes forward toward FDA approval

Posted on August 27 2015 | 450 views

Important news as the promising new immunotherapy, daratumumab, continues to move swiftly toward FDA approval.

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Jim Omel

News, Research

Patients helping patients: Readers making a difference

Posted on August 26 2015 | 436 views

Efra, a reader from Israel, forwarded me an interesting article about cancer research–done at Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonvile. I got such a kick out of that. Love it or hate it, the internet helps keep us connected. What a small world!

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Tips to help control peripheral neuropathy (Part Three)

Nutrition, Side effects, Supplements/Drugs, Tips

Tips to help control peripheral neuropathy (Part Three)

Posted on August 25 2015 | 486 views

Common peripheral neuropathy (PN) remedies not working for you? Or maybe you’d like to try something new in addition to steps you’ve already taken to control symptoms. Here are additional suggestions made by fellow patients:

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Tips to help control peripheral neuropathy (Part Two)

Side effects, Supplements/Drugs, Tips

Tips to help control peripheral neuropathy (Part Two)

Posted on August 24 2015 | 467 views

As promised, here are more ways to help minimize side effects of peripheral neuropathy (PN).

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Dr Landgren

News, Research, Therapy

Dr. Ola Landgren to answer questions about treating high risk myeloma

Posted on August 23 2015 | 700 views

I’m part of an important broadcast Monday evening. Myeloma specialist, Dr. Ola Landgren, has been too busy to do interviews since moving his practice to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He’s making an exception of us. The topic: Can focusing on high risk myeloma help us find a cure? Remember, anyone who’s relapsed is technically considered to be high risk, so this applies to too many of us.

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Vitamin B

About Pat, Side effects, Tips

Tips to help control peripheral neuropathy (Part One)

Posted on August 22 2015 | 591 views

Like many multiple myeloma patients, I have battled peripheral neuropathy symptoms since starting therapy in 2007. I have written dozens of posts over the years featuring tips on ways to help minimize the debilitating side effects. Several have helped me. Maybe one or more can help you, too.

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Inspirational, News, Research

CrowdCare Foundation betting on T cell therapy

Posted on August 21 2015 | 619 views

After hearing from dozens of you about your peripheral neuropathy–and what you do to help minimize the symptoms–I’m working on a two part series about it, sharing tips from more than 20 patients; I’ll run the posts this weekend. In the meantime, here is CrowdCare Foundation’s official press release, announcing our support for two important, groundbreaking T cell therapy patient trials:

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Step aside Tom Brokaw: Marathoner Don Wright leads the way

Posted on August 20 2015 | 626 views

My old friend, Don Wright, is the Energizer Bunny of multiple myeloma; he keeps running and running…

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Peripheral neuropathy smacks me hard!

About Pat, News, Side effects, Transplants

Peripheral neuropathy smacks me hard!

Posted on August 19 2015 | 912 views

A reader reminded me today, “Myeloma is not for wimps!” So true, Terri! Now at day 40, following my modified auto stem cell transplant, I continue to get stronger every day. But a new concern is threatening my recovery.

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Inspirational, Research

Cutting edge T cell research could help save our lives

Posted on August 18 2015 | 513 views

I’ve got some exciting news. My good friend and founder of the CrowdCare Foundation, Jenny Ahlstrom, announced the two groundbreaking clinical trials we plan to help fund today.

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Dr. Silverman

About Pat, Caregivers, Nutrition, Transplants

It takes a village to complete a successful SCT

Posted on August 17 2015 | 641 views

As I continue to recover from last month’s stem cell transplant, I marvel at the size and skill of the transplant team at the University of Iowa.

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New friend shares important research insight

Inspirational, Research

New friend shares important research insight

Posted on August 15 2015 | 765 views

This is exciting! In June I wrote about a myeloma research breakthrough made at my Alma Matter, the University of Wisconsin. Since then one of the lead investigators, Chorom Pak, has been kind enough to email me updates and insightful explanations about their work.

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Understanding our future: immunotherapies

News, Research

Understanding our future: immunotherapies

Posted on August 14 2015 | 767 views

I just listened to one of the best and easiest to understand videos I’ve found, explaining how the new monoclonal antibodies (elotuzumab and daratumumab) work.

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About Pat, Inspirational, Research, Support, Transplants

More about daratumumab, followed by Pat’s medical update

Posted on August 13 2015 | 889 views

Before┬áI write about how I’m been doing the past day or two, here’s the mainstream Florida’s media’s perception of yesterday’s feature, daratumumab:

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BREAKING NEWS: MMRF helps push expanded access for dararumumab

News, Research, Therapy

BREAKING NEWS: MMRF helps push expanded access for dararumumab

Posted on August 12 2015 | 671 views

Today is your last chance to participate in a focus group study using your smart phones. Amazon gift cards will be given to all who participate.

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Tale of two transplants (Part Three) Tips to help your transplant experience

About Pat, Tips, Transplants

Tale of two transplants (Part Three) Tips to help your transplant experience

Posted on August 11 2015 | 718 views

I’m fortunate that I was able to recover from this summer’s stem cell transplant much more quickly than my first back in 2011. Part of it was experience; knowing what to expect.

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