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I backslid today; most naps don’t last six hours…

Posted on August 01 2015 | 124 views

I’ve been pleased by my recovery progress. Thus far each day has been better than the last–that is until today.

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News about elotuzumab and my life here at home

Posted on July 31 2015 | 524 views

The myeloma world is all a twitter over Bristol-Myers Squibb’s announcement that it will be applying for European Medicines Agency approval of the first immunotherapy, elotuzumab, for patients that have failed a single prior therapy. This would be a much broader approval than the company’s FDA application here in the US.

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Update: Allo transplant patient Tom from Ohio

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Update: Allo transplant patient Tom from Ohio

Posted on July 30 2015 | 539 views

Its always great to hear from friends we’ve featured in our Patient Snapshot series, especially when there’s good news. Tom and his wife and caregiver, Whitney, have had a difficult time. For months it seemed like if it could go wrong, it did. I’m glad the tide has turned.

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Travel disaster: You can’t make this stuff up!

Posted on July 29 2015 | 788 views

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Our server was down. That’s OK, because it was a busy travel day. Travel? Great news! Pattie and I flew home today. But after spending all day trying to get out of the Cedar Rapids airport, good news quickly turned into a real drag.

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FDA expands Kyprolis guidelines to include more patients

Posted on July 27 2015 | 648 views

Long day today. I met with Dr. Tricot and formally got the green light to fly home tomorrow. Then I had my catheters (in my left upper arm) cleaned and dressing changed. Next, I received some IV fluids and my hand sized bag of antibiotic. I ended the day saying goodbye to my new friends on the apheresis/stem cell harvest floor and up on the 7th floor where I was hospitalized for the past 11 days.

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I’m going “home!”

Posted on July 26 2015 | 872 views

So many ups and downs. So many. Despite the bumpy ride, I’ve checked out of the hospital with everyone’s blessing except for one of my nurses, named Hanson; she’s very protective.

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I’m playing my “get out of jail free” card

Posted on July 25 2015 | 827 views

I’ve been fortunate to find a way to post most everyday following my second stem cell transplant. Tonight I’m going to fudge a bit. I’ve had a long day and I’m not feeling well.

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Multiple myeloma research races forward…

Posted on July 24 2015 | 849 views

I’m feeling good enough to catch up on some of my myeloma related reading. The pace of research amazes me.

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Houston: We have liftoff!

Posted on July 23 2015 | 923 views

After 11 short, challenging days, I’ve now officially engrafted. 12 Days! It took me 17 days to engraft after my first transplant, four years ago.

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I’m a bit out of it tonight; glad Pattie and Joan have been here to help

Posted on July 21 2015 | 691 views

Three steps forward and two steps back; I have a lot of good news, with a touch of bad.

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Tom Brokaw and multiple myeloma: a global perspective

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Tom Brokaw and multiple myeloma: a global perspective

Posted on July 20 2015 | 760 views

Gifted writer and cancer patient advocate, Greg Brozeit, kindly offered to share his unique perspective with us after learning I was going to be under the weather for a while. You may remember Greg’s work memorializing Mike Katz this spring:

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Infection changes everything

Posted on July 19 2015 | 1,126 views

Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). Scary sounding. I’ve been battling one or more bacterial infections since I got here. Turns out one of them is a VRE.

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Did all of this really happen in one day?

Posted on July 18 2015 | 1,035 views

Sorry I don’t feel up to sharing medical specifics from the past few days. Truth be told, I don’t even remember part of it, so Pattie is helping me get some basics out.

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Dr. Guido Tricot

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Dr. Tricot answers our questions

Posted on July 17 2015 | 1,008 views

So much for short posts! OK, yesterday I got a bit carried away. I was feeling pretty good, writing from an awesome, private infusion suite here at U of Iowa Cancer center hooked to an overloaded poll so the team could give me IV fluids and antiboitics.

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Key questions from readers, friends and family for Dr. Tricot

Posted on July 16 2015 | 602 views

So the decision has been made. I’ve been given over 7 million of my own stem cells back over the past two days. Dr. Tricot even hand picked the bags, mixing old (from 2007) with new, freshly harvested cells.

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Worst 12 hours of my life! (so far)

Posted on July 14 2015 | 1,333 views

Relatively speaking, I hit a putrid roadblock (17  parts cream corn and 3 parts exhaustion) on Friday night. So much for outpatient; I was admitted to the hospital first thing Saturday morning after spending one of the most miserable nights of my life.

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Who says sick people can’t have fun?

Posted on July 13 2015 | 940 views

I’ve given up trying to post in chronological order. Rushing around getting poked, prodded and bent over backwards can disrupt a guy’s sense of space and time.

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Do I stay or do I go?

Posted on July 11 2015 | 1,113 views

I’m still groggy after taking in ten bags of stem cells and two liters of saline to wash it all down. I’m sure my posts will start getting shorter. But while I still can, I wanted to review the last few days. Decisions have been made. Here’s why.

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Dr Sanja Gupta


Another positive step toward myeloma awareness

Posted on July 10 2015 | 929 views

I was pleasantly surprised to find this high profile article on line yesterday

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