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Yearly Archives: 2009

28 12, 2009

No! I’m Not On Celgene’s Payroll

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I have received several e-mails lately questioning my pro-novel therapy stance. As I wrote a few days ago, Thalomid, Revlimid, Velcade and a number of other newer multiple myeloma chemotherapy drugs are all loosely classified as novel therapy agents. These inquiries/criticisms are coming from patients who strongly support natural alternatives to these drugs. One person

26 12, 2009

Novel Therapies For Multiple Myeloma

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Just received this e-mail question from mb wood:  "Has anyone had any real real results with the novel therapies? Do the new drugs work?" The answer to this question is an unqualified YES!  Novel therapies for multiple myeloma, and other hematological cancers, include any non-traditional chemotherapy drug.  Thalidomide, Revlimid, Velcade, and many of the other,

26 12, 2009

Elotuzumab & Multiple Myeloma Antibody Therapy

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I didn't hear much about antibody research at this year's ASH.  I have fielded a number of questions recently about the use of antibodies for treating multiple myeloma.  This article about this drug company sponsored study should help shed some light on this potentially promising treatment thread from Treatment for Multiple Myeloma Shows PromiseDec 15,

22 12, 2009

Revlimid Maintenance Therapy Shows Improved Survival Rates Following Transplant

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A number oncologists at larger cancer centers, which specialize in treating multiple myeloma, often choose not to place their patients on maintenance therapy following a stem cell transplant.  As a matter of fact, a life without meds for a number of months following transplant has been one of the compelling arguments used to help convince patients to

21 12, 2009

Details About New Anti-Myeloma Drug, Perifosine

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Here is a clinical summary about the new myeloma drug I wrote about last night, perifosine, from a Website named ""KRX-0401 (perifosine) is a potential oral anti-cancer agent that suppresses the pathways associated with the programmed growth, death, differentiation and survival of cells. Developed by Keryx, the drug is most effective in modulating Akt, as

21 12, 2009

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Initiates Phase 3 Registration Trial of KRX-0401 (Perifosine) for Treatment of Patients with Advanced Multiple Myeloma

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Here is info about a newly organized Phase 3 study combining perifosine with Velcade:NEW YORK, Dec 16, 2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: KERX) announced today the initiation of a Phase 3 registration clinical trial for KRX-0401 (perifosine), the Company's PI3K/Akt pathway inhibitor, in relapsed / refractory multiple myeloma patients. The trial,

18 12, 2009

Mostly Good News–And Guilt!

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Good news and bad news from yesterday's oncology appointment. First, the bad news. Two months ago, the pathologist noted he saw what might be just a shadow--a trace--of monoclonal protein in my blood work. In other words, after eighteen months, my myeloma might be back. Thursday I learned this was indeed the case. This time

17 12, 2009

Today Is The Day…

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I am getting ready to grab my coat and rush out the door for an appointment with my medical oncologist Dr. Anderson.  Today is the day I learn if my myeloma has indeed returned--if my M-spike is measurable for the first time in eighteen months.  Two months ago I received a report from Dr. Anderson

15 12, 2009

More Comparing & Contrasting "Bank On A Cure" With The Newer "Genomics Initiative"

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I ran a series of articles in mid-November about two genetic research programs, the IMF's supported "Bank On A Cure," and MMRF's "Genomics Initiative." I was a bit confused by what seemed to be a duplication of research. Why did the MMRF see the need to start a similar research project? What about the cost?

14 12, 2009

MMRF’s Review Of Novel Therapy News From ASH

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Here is a copy of the MMRF's review of novel therapy news from ASH last week:Novel drugs Data from two investigational trials of pomalidomide in relapsed or refractory myeloma patients after treatment with Revlimid or Revimid and bortezomib was presented at the meeting. Results from an ongoing Phase II study showed promising overall response rates

13 12, 2009

Neuropathy Follow-Up

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I get lots and lots of e-mail responses to my posts. Here is a follow-up response to my article about neuropathy from a few days ago:Pat-Great blog post. The article linked below discusses possible causes of PN from mm and chemos- also possible remedies of supplementation, B vitamins, ALA pluscremes, gels, etc- for my own