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Monthly Archives: July 2009

31 07, 2009

Bill Karamanica

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Another member of our group in Boston, Bill Karamanica is a strong, quiet man. He has successfully battled myeloma for a long time. Yes, Bill has experienced bone damage from the cancer. He has been forced to endure a number of different therapies, with mixed results. But he continues to live his life, one day

30 07, 2009

We All Need An Advocate

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Last night I wrote about my mother-in-law's pain and cancer. I just returned from visiting her tonight and she seems to be doing better. But not before Pattie and I "rattled a few cages" and got her physician, nurses and nursing home personnel to take her situation seriously! On the advice of one of my

29 07, 2009

Cancer, Cancer Everywhere

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I need to keep my post short tonight. I just returned from my mother-in-law's bedside at a local nursing home. She is too ill to endure many tests, but a CT scan this weekend while she was in the hospital for a blood transfusion revealed what looks like a large tumor in her abdomen. Probably

28 07, 2009

Gloria Roddy & Jerry Colihan

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As I previously mentioned, there were seven patients (and two spouse caregivers) at our Boston meeting last week. I have already written about Jim and Jerry. Tonight I would like to share my impressions of our only female patient, Gloria, and her complete polar opposite, Jerry Colihan. Gloria and her husband, Jack, live in Townsend,

26 07, 2009

Ideas To Help Those In Financial Need

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Friday's post about the new program to help pay transportation fees for myeloma patients in need has inspired me to add a comprehensive list of contact information for organizations with grants and programs available to multiple myeloma patients when I update my book, Living with Multiple Myeloma, this fall. I have an extensive list started,

26 07, 2009

Jerry Walton

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I sat next to a thoughtful, pleasant gentleman during our meetings in Boston last week named Jerry. I received this kind e-mail from him about my book, Living with Multiple Myeloma yesterday:Pat, thanks to a delay getting out of Boston airport Tuesday night, and the hour and a half flight to Norfolk, VA, I was

24 07, 2009

Let’s Get Technical!

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OK. Enough emotional stuff! Let's get to the exciting techno breakthrough stuff guaranteed to give myeloma patients a different type of hope; the scientific kind. MLN-4924. A new drug in Phase I trials that has shown encouraging results in pre-clinical trials against both hematologic and solid tumors. MLN-9708. Also in Phase I trials. Researchers at

23 07, 2009

Do I Want To Live 17 Years?

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Tomorrow when I (hopefully) feel better, I will post more about the exciting technical aspects of my trip to Boston. Some pretty amazing advances will be coming soon to an oncologist's office near you! But first, I want to share some personal health issues with you that I have had to deal with the past