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Gloria Roddy & Jerry Colihan

Posted on July 28 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 784 views

As I previously mentioned, there were seven patients (and two spouse caregivers) at our Boston meeting last week. I have already written about Jim and Jerry. Tonight I would like to share my impressions of our only female patient, Gloria, and her complete polar opposite, Jerry Colihan. Gloria and her husband, Jack, live in Townsend, Mass. Gloria is an incredibly brave woman. She has a number of complications caused by her multiple myeloma and some that are unrelated. Gloria has battled through depression and an unforgiving health care system to become the strong patient advocate she is today. He input at the meeting was insightful and from the heart. She was the most emotional of the group. Conversely, Jerry Colihan from Lawrenceville, NJ is strong and defiant. Willing to do whatever it took to live a normal life, Jerry endured tandem transplants six years ago and has been fine ever since. Jerry is very self reliant and self confident. He has had few complications since his successful transplants and chooses to ignore and defy his cancer. I was pleased he was there to listen to Gloria’s story – to share her difficult journey. Likewise, it was great for Gloria to experience Jerry’s unwavering self confidence. That is what I love most about patients meeting and sharing with other patients! There is a bond there – instant credibility – which always seems to strengthen all parties. Gloria and Jerry are as different as night and day. Yet they are also the same. They share lives with the same cancer, multiple myeloma.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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  1. Sandy Says:

    And that is, Pat, was it is so enigmatic about MM… there does not seem to be the "standardization" that exists with other cancers and hence the treatments appear to require real tailoring for each individual… it was interesting to read Nick's blog and see how the Alabama team has had a real win with his situation… as the wins mount up, perhaps the diversity of the disease will diminish.

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    So true! Thanks, Sandy! Pat

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