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Jerry Walton

Posted on July 26 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 760 views

I sat next to a thoughtful, pleasant gentleman during our meetings in Boston last week named Jerry. I received this kind e-mail from him about my book, Living with Multiple Myeloma yesterday:

Pat, thanks to a delay getting out of Boston airport Tuesday night, and the hour and a half flight to Norfolk, VA, I was able to finish your book (just) before midnight.
Can’t recall when I last read a book from start to finish in less than a day (….. it might have been when I had a test on a book in high school…., but I probably read the Classics Illustrated comic book instead…..).

Enjoyed it very much. Will spread the word about it with my support group and others.

Smooth sailing on your move to Florida. Hopefully you’ll make it before the first snowflake falls….

Thanks again,

Jerry Walton
Virginia Beach, VA

Jerry’s story may not be as dramatic as Jim Bond’s, but he is just as strong and brave in his own right. Jerry’s myeloma is smoldering. For those of you that aren’t experienced in the ways of multiple myeloma, that means myeloma cells are present but not active or causing any damage at this time. They will, someday. But for now, the patient is left in the difficult and frustrating position of watching and waiting. Jerry bravely set out to start a support group in his area. A former teacher and retired vet, Jerry has continued his active participation despite recent surgery for prostate cancer. Jerry’s thoughtful, measured and insightful participation in our group was appreciated and respected by all! Tomorrow I will write about the only woman with myeloma in our group, Gloria Roddy.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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  1. Sid Says:

    Jerry's story is what I like to read. I find it inspiring to read about others who have myeloma and are getting on with life. Please give us more Jerrys.
    P.S. Reading Jerry's email, I detect Jerry has some mischievious humour in him. Can you twist his arm to send you more emails to share?

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Hi Sid-
    Your comment is so interesting to me. I am more interested in the medical side of cancer. Not as technical as some, but I want, no crave information. Good news! My next few posts will include the stories of the other Patient Advisory Board members I met last week in Boston. They are all brave, fascinating and, I think, inspiring individuals! Pat

  3. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    And Yes! Jerry is quite the character in his own, quiet way! Keep smiling, Jerry! Pat

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