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We All Need An Advocate

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We All Need An Advocate

Last night I wrote about my mother-in-law’s pain and cancer. I just returned from visiting her tonight and she seems to be doing better. But not before Pattie and I “rattled a few cages” and got her physician, nurses and nursing home personnel to take her situation seriously! On the advice of one of my oncology nurses, Dody Lunde, this morning I requested an emergency multi-disciplinary care conference be held as soon as possible to assess her condition and make recommendations for the future. Pattie spoke with her doctor and scheduled a surgical consult. I followed-up and checked on her this morning and later this evening. Without this intervention, she wouldn’t be on the two different types of medication that are allowing her to rest comfortably now. We all need help like this from time to time while dealing with our health care system. Be it help filling out insurance forms or transportation to and from various appointments. Someone to take notes during our doctor appointments. Someone to lobby for more or different medications when we are in pain or distress. I am fortunate to have my wife, Pattie act as my advocate and caregiver.
Feel good and keep smiling, hopefully because you too are fortunate enough to have an advocate who cares! Pat