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Boxes, Boxes Everywhere!

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Boxes, Boxes Everywhere!

I promised to write about Elijah Alexander and his personal battle with myeloma yesterday. Sorry! Were you waiting on pins and needles for my post? (If only that were true!) Friday was moving day for me. My wife and I purchased a home on the gulf coast of Florida several months ago. The plan (which is working!) was for her to relocate first and start her new job as an Administrative Assistant for her sister, Mary, a R.N. who supervises a pair of Davita Dialysis Clinics in the area. Check. She started her job last month and loves it! Next, I would continue working as a realtor, here on the Wisconsin and Minnesota border, until we could sell our home – a real concern considering the slow housing market. But I priced it right and we had an accepted offer in three weeks! (Translation: We practically gave it away!) That’s OK. We expected to get far less than it was worth. Nicer homes in our area just aren’t selling. So I moved, cleaned the home and attended the closing yesterday. No, I didn’t get all the way to Florida. Remember my sick mother-in-law, the one in the nursing home battling colon cancer? I am staying with friends in Wisconsin so I can help care for her and continue my job as a realtor, at least until we can get her stabilized and/or the snow flies!
What does any of this have to do with Elijah and my Friday post which was missing in action? I ran out of daylight! Everything is in boxes, my friend’s computer is on the fritz and I can’t find my meeting notes from Boston. (This is starting to sound a bit like a”my dog ate my homework” excuse!) Anyway, as soon as I dig myself out tomorrow I will be back on track.
Feel good, keep smiling and let me know if you see my toothbrush… I know I packed it somewhere! Pat