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Hello From IMF Conference In Edina, Minnesota!

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Hello From IMF Conference In Edina, Minnesota!

Subtle controversy from our first speaker, Dr. Brian Durie, from Los Angeles. He strongly stated that there is a causal link to multiple myeloma. Dr. Durie, who is with Cedars Sinai Cancer Center, believes nutrition, radiation and chemical exposure can all contribute to myeloma risk. That flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Just last year, I heard a presentation by Dr. Vincent Rajkumar from Mayo Clinic. Dr. Rajkumar stated there is no measurable link between nutrition and multiple myeloma. Data also leans heavily away from a genetic component or other external cause of myeloma: The general belief among researchers thus far has been that myloma occurrence is more random than not. Bottom line is – Who knows? I have never obsessed over how or why I have my cancer. I just want to know what I can do about it! Back to the meetings.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat