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Mother-In-Law Update

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Mother-In-Law Update

My wife Pattie’s mother is being moved by medi-vac tomorrow to be near friends and family in Minocqua, Wisconsin. For those of you that haven’t been following her situation, Pattie’s mom, Marie Doyle, has been having a difficult time of late. A combination of diabetes, congestive heart failure and the associated inactivity have taken their toll. Recently, it was determined her decade old diagnosis of colorectal cancer had finally become life-threatening. A CT scan revealed a baseball sized tumor in her abdomen earlier in the week. The tumor has been blocking partially digested food from moving freely between her stomach and intestines. Yesterday’s examination by a surgeon determined she is not a good surgical candidate for removal of the tumor or to clear the blockage and add a colostomy bag. Pattie and I recently purchased a home in Florida in the hope we could move her here closer to another of her daughter and family. This unplanned Minocqua move (Minocqua is a small resort time in north central Wisconsin about three hours east of her current home in St Croix Falls, which is located on the western Wisconsin border between Wisconsin and Minnesota.) should be less difficult for her. Once in a nursing home there, Marie will be close to another daughter and her family. She will also be in familiar surroundings with old friends and former doctor. Since I still live part of the time in Wisconsin, I will be there to help as well. The important thing is she will not be alone. Pattie and I have been too busy frantically making arrangements to move her things, line-up transport and a nursing home bed to be overly emotional just yet. But I’m sure that will come.
Feel good and keep smiling friends! Pat