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Myeloma Forum Interactive Website

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Myeloma Forum Interactive Website

The following article recently appeared on the cover page of, an interactive Website for myeloma patients and their families:

Hello! My name is Pat Killingsworth and my wife and I are both cancer survivors. Pattie has outlasted cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April of 2007. We have written daily on our blog about topics that are of interest to most anyone with cancer. Treatments, breakthroughs, nutrition, even politics and health care. But recently we found the majority of our readers had multiple myeloma, or were friends or family of someone with myeloma. So last week I started a new blog, dedicated to myeloma related news:
We believe there can’t be too many places for the myeloma community to share and learn! This Multiple Myeloma Forums site is great! So are a number of other independent sites. With new chemotherapy drugs and combination therapy approaches racing ahead of test results, it is difficult to stay up to date. I have always felt you learn more from patients (and nurses!) than the oncology docs. So ask questions. Join one or more support groups. Get second opinions. And blog, baby, blog! Just don’t forget to question and verify the information you find online. Hope you will visit one or both of our sites!
Glad to help- Pat

I visit this forum often. Still getting going but very well run and administered. I just think it takes a while to get the word out in cancers like multiple myeloma that don’t have the patient numbers like breast, prostate or lung cancer. Andy is really trying hard to adapt this site to the needs of myeloma patients. Best of all, there doesn’t seem to be any political agenda, and preference isn’t given to one type of therapy over another. Check it out!
Feel good and keep smiling- Pat