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Revlimid Works Second-Time-Around

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Revlimid Works Second-Time-Around

Good news from a close friend, Stacy, who has been dealing with a very aggressive form of myeloma. She called tonight to let me know her counts started going up almost immediately after she stopped using Revlimid. Now, in preparation for a transplant, she has started the Revlimid again and, in two short months, her cancer is undetectable. What great news! And hopeful news for me and I ponder taking some time off Revlimid while I decide when or if I should have my stem cell transplant now or wait. You go girl!
Question: Have any of you heard of, or are using the drug Romidepsin? A reader’s husband is taking that drug with an M-spike over 5. She also asks some good questions about study I copied all of you a few days ago. Check out yesterday’s comments.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat