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Vaccination Strategies Against Multiple Myeloma

Posted on August 17 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 11,850 views

The book, Multiple Myeloma: Translational and Emerging Therapies, dedicates an entire chapter to the future use of vaccines against multiple myeloma. According to the book, “Development of successful vaccine strategy in MM has been directed at two aspects. First to develop a vaccine stratege able to specifically target MM cells with therapeutic efficacy; and second to improve the immune function in MM to allow sustained robust responses to immune-based intervention. Four pages are dedicated to background associated with these two goals. The next nine pages cover ongoing clinical studies. The conclusion: The second goal, to improve the immune function in MM to allow sustained robust responses looks most promising. As with most vaccinations, it is often too late to successfully vaccinate once the patient has already been infected. Still, trials are ongoing and do show promise in the lab. Those of you that are into the technical aspect of myeloma should really get this book. $10 from my Help With Cancer Bookstore, located in the upper right corner of the page.
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