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Bisphosphonates: More Than Just A Bone Strengthener

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Bisphosphonates: More Than Just A Bone Strengthener

Let’s start our series about bone health, damage and repair with a post I wrote in July about the subject:

I hear complaints about complications associated with using the bisphosphonates Aredia and Zometa from time to time in support groups or at my clinic. Granted, a number of years ago these IV drugs were probably administered too often and for too long. And since the benefits of using the drugs are not dramatic or easily measured, it is tempting to feel they aren’t necessary. But I believe any myeloma patient should think long and hard before discontinuing treatment, especially if they have suffered bone damage in the past. According to respected Websites like the Mayo Clinic, bisphosphonates do more than just strengthen the bone. They can reduce the size of lesions in and around the bones. Bisphosphonates also help prevent new lesions. And did you know that, according to the book 100 Questions & Answers About Myeloma, bisphosphonates have exerted direct effects against myeloma cells in test-tube experiments?

Feel good, keep smiling and get your Aredia IV every month or two for at least two years after your myeloma is under control! Pat