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There is a new, soon to be approved bone strengthener called Denusomab. All three physician/speakers at last week’s conference seemed excited about this new drug. describes the new drug this way:

Denosumab is the first fully human monoclonal antibody in late stage clinical development that specifically targets RANK Ligand, an essential regulator of osteoclasts (the cells that break down bone). Denosumab is being investigated for its potential to inhibit all stages of osteoclast activity through a targeted mechanism. Denosumab is being studied in a range of bone loss conditions including PMO and bone loss in patients undergoing hormone ablation for prostate and breast cancer, as well as for its potential to delay bone metastases and inhibit and treat bone destruction across many stages of cancer. Denosumab is also being investigated in rheumatoid arthritis.

A key point about Denusomab, Zometa and Aredia is that, in addition to helping bones become stronger and repair themselves, all three drugs have proven success against active myeloma and myeloma caused lesions. More about this tomorrow.
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