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Florida, Here I come!

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Florida, Here I come!

As many of you know from reading our blogs, my wife Pattie and I recently moved to Florida. Or should I say my wife has moved to Florida. I spend two weeks of each month with her there. Then I spend the next two weeks here in Wisconsin. Pattie is an administrative assistant for several dialysis clinics and is learning to work with patients who practice home dialysis. This is a big change for her. Prior to the move, Pattie helped me in our real estate business. Before that she was a history teacher. I am still working with my real estate partner, Bruce, part-time here in St Croix Falls. Tomorrow I am off to the airport to fly back to Florida. My tired, damaged bones will feel much better in the hot, humid Florida weather! I enjoy travel days. Lots of time to think and write.
So, until tomorrow, feel good and keep smiling! Pat