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How Does Revlimid Work?

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How Does Revlimid Work?

I have now been using Revlimid (lenalidomide) for 27 consecutive months and it is still working! But how does it work? Lenalidomide is an immune-modulating therapy that acts to improve the immune system. Administered orally, lenalidomide also helps block the blood supply to cancer cells so that tumors cannot grow. Lenalidomide is molecular variation, or analogue, of it’s predessessor, thalidomide. The new drug I referenced several posts ago, pomalidomide (Actimid), is an analogue to lenalidomide. The great news is, although all three of these drugs are similar, they all have the potential of working at different times in the same patient. Translated: If you start using lenalidomide and it eventually stops working, you have a great chance of using pamalidomide successfully next. And if that stops working, a patient might try thalidomide and, even after the other two similar, more advanced drugs stop working, thalidomide may work anyway.
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