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Interaction Between Myeloma Patients Key To Positive Attitude!

Posted on September 06 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 1,988 views

I met lots of interesting patients and caregivers at last weeks IMF conference on multiple myeloma. For example, Friday evening I sat with Janet and David Koenig who had traveled all of the way from Gretna, Nebraska. Janet was diagnosed about 40 months ago and is currently enrolled in a study using Thalidomide and Zometa. Her M-spike is currently 1.5 and stable. They both have great attitudes. Nice people. At the same table sat a newly diagnosed patient from North Dakota and one from St Paul, Minnesota. All were upbeat and positive. And that’s my point. Are the patients who attend events such as these there because they are proactive and positive, or positive and proactive because they attend such events? And what about the thousands of other patients that don’t participate in support groups, or read blogs like this one? I learn so much from interaction with other patients. That is where you really discover the truth about different treatments and side-effects! So let me leave you with this thought and goal: Try and get at least one fellow patient you meet at an oncology appointment to join you for a support group meeting, or spend some time on the Internet together, or buy them a book like 100 Questions and Answers About Myeloma or Living with Multiple Myeloma, or just make a lunch or coffee date and talk. You will both be better off it you do!
Feel good, keep smiling and help at least one other myeloma patient this month, OK? Pat

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  1. Sid Says:

    Agree, agree, agree.
    I have got so much from my myeloma friends.
    Advice, friendship, laughter, tears, hearing their story, their treatment and side effects.
    And that includes blogs like yours Pat. Though we have never met, live in an other country, I consider you a myeloma friend.
    Good health.

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Thank you, Sid! As they say in America – "Right back at you!" Pat

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    You make it sound so easy. Everyone has low m-spikes and stable disease. You can live forever. I am cured. We have tried to make friends and be positive. I was able to talk to another wife of a patient whose m-spike was 1.9. They were feeling bad. They offered us encouragement too, but how do you feel encouraged when nothing is working. My husband's m-spike is 6.1 up from ZERO in March. Definitely not stable and definitely not responding to anything.

    It is sometimes hard to read all the low m-spike info. about everyone. I am crying a lot, as I see his health fail. I don't think we can ever forget that this is a terrible insidious disease that is claiming lives. Is there hope? Is there anyone else out there who is struggling? Anyone with progressive disease? Has anyone with 6.1 come back down again? Are they all dead? Help. I am having a bad day.

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