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Is Vertebroplasty Helpful For Myeloma Patients?

Posted on September 05 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 932 views

This past weekend at the IMF conference in the Twin Cities, several of the physicians/speakers presenting mentioned vertebroplasty as a way to help stop back pain from bone involvement caused by multiple myeloma. So I found it interesting that several weeks ago PioneerPress.Com ran the following article. Unfortunately, the entire transcript is restricted and I cannot link you to it. But they did release the lead:

St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) – August 6, 2009 – C1 Business

A fast-growing medical procedure that injects medical cement into the spine to treat fractures apparently works no better than a placebo. That’s the conclusion of a New England Journal of Medicine study released Wednesday that looked at a treatment known as vertebroplasty and found patients who underwent the procedure did about as well as those who experienced “simulated vertebroplasty.”

The study involved a number of patients and orthopedic specialists, including several from Mayo Clinic. I mentioned the study to my oncologist, Dr. Danial Anderson, and he was familiar with it. After a patient profile article I am working on for tomorrow, I will begin a three part series on bone care and repair for myeloma patients.
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Check this out: I think it is still controversial as to whether the studies are as good as they should be. It helped my mom with MM.

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