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Myeloma, Myeloma Everywhere!

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Myeloma, Myeloma Everywhere!

My neighbor at our home in Tampa, Florida has myeloma. The brother-in-law of the woman I sat next to on the flight back to Minnesota has myeloma. My mother’s best friend has myeloma. Can it be true? Only 19,000 new cases of multiple myeloma are diagnosed each year in the United States, yet everywhere I turn I meet someone who has, or knows someone who has myeloma. Myeloma, myeloma everywhere! Once people learn about my disorder, they begin to share stories of family, neighbors or friends who also have multiple myeloma. And with more myeloma patients living longer than ever before, I shouldn’t be surprised to meet and hear about so many that share my cancer, no matter how rare.
Feel good, keep smiling and keep living, one day at a time! Pat