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Pathologist On A Plane – Day Two

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Pathologist On A Plane – Day Two

As Tony and I continued our conversation, I couldn’t help but think about how bright and knowledgeable he was. Originally from Houston, Texas, Tony is the type of guy you would hope was interpreting your bone marrow biopsy slides. Tony eventually showed me a copy of what he called the “pathologist’s bible,” the 2008 edition of the WHO Classification of Tumours of Haematipoitic and Lymphoid Tissues, a real page turner! It was a tough, technical read, but the chapter on myeloma was only about ten pages long, It was a long flight and I wasn’t going to be tested on the material the following day like Tony was. As I slugged my way through the chapter entitled: “Plasma Cell Neoplasms,” I tried to imagine what it would be like, working in the lab day after day, looking at slides of blood and tissue samples. I asked Tony, “Do you get a chance to work with any multiple myeloma patients?” “No,” Tony replied, you are the first myeloma patient I have ever met!” How ironic, I thought, as I continued to skim his textbook, make notes and ask questions. I will write about the most prominent of those questions and answers tomorrow. Sorry for the tease, but its late and tomorrow is another day!
Feel good and keep smiling- Pat