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Revlimid vs Medicare

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Revlimid vs Medicare

According to the Medicare guidelines, out-patient chemotherapy should be covered under Medicare Part B. So why aren’t oral chemotherapy drugs like Revlimid covered? I became eligible for Medicare benefits this month. But I am running into a number of challenges. First, Medigap insurance enrollment isn’t guaranteed for beneficiaries under age 65. (I’m only 53) And Medicare alone is not a great option – too many things aren’t covered. Second, if Revlimid does indeed fall under Medicare Part D, my yearly drug costs will exceed $5000, even with a supplemental Part D plan. Ouch! Can’t afford that! I will do more research over the next few days and let you know what solutions I come up with. THIS SHOULDN’T BE SO HARD!
I will try not to get discouraged and frustrated so I can feel good and keep smiling!
(But it isn’t easy!) Pat