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Waiting, Wondering, Worrying – Continued

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Waiting, Wondering, Worrying – Continued

I referenced yesterday’s post on my www.HelpWithCancer.Org blog this morning and continued this important thread there. Who ever knew prostate cancer and myeloma patients had so much in common? It’s the waiting, wondering and worrying AND then trying to decide which of several treatment options you should try first. No pressure there! I’t just your life you are gambling with! Do you choose the chemotherapy behind door number one? How about the stem cell transplant behind door number two? But wait – it’s not that simple! What type of chemotherapy should you use? Or to make matters even more confusing, what combination of therapies should you try? Welcome to the world of any newly diagnosed myeloma patient. Second opinions? Sure! Why not? Turns out prostate cancer patients go through a similar dilemma. Radiation or surgery or both? Hormone treatments now or later? And remember that, in both cases, if your doctor is too self assured, too confident he or she knows the path you should take, head for the door! Why? Because with both types of cancer, there is no right or wrong answer supported by reliable medical data. There is some good, no, very good news here! Progress is being made in both cancer’s and median life expectancy is way up. Yeah! Yahoo! Now, if a patient could only know which therapy, or combination of therapies, will work best for them.
Feel good, keep smiling and try and manage the stress caused by all of these life and death choices because, after all, everyone knows stress is bad for any cancer patient! Pat