At the IMF multiple myeloma conference I attended several weeks ago, a number of the patients and staff were wearing maroon wrist bands, similar to the bright yellow Lance Armstrong “Live Strong!” wrist band we have all seen for years. You may have noticed the color and design of the masthead at the top of this page. It is a modified version of the cover of my book, Living with Multiple Myeloma. Most of you probably recognize the ribbon, symbolic of hope for cancer patients. But did you know maroon is the official color representing multiple myeloma? As awareness of our unique cancer grows, you will start seeing this color used in wrist bands and other promotional publications and products associated with multiple myeloma. That is why I embraced this color for the cover of my book. (I had originally selected royal blue.) My publisher, Mira Digital Press of St. Louis, Missouri, suggested using maroon for the cover design and I felt it was a great idea!

So, like it or hate it, all hail maroon, the official color chosen to represent multiple myeloma. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat