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Any Recommendations For Myeloma Treatment In Florida?

Posted on October 29 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 48,786 views

If you follow my blog(s) you already know my wife, Pattie, and I are in the process of relocating to Florida. Our home is about 45 minutes north of Tampa and Clearwater on the Gulf Coast. For now I am still traveling back to Minnesota and Wisconsin for my treatment. Mayo does have a clinic location in Jacksonville. I will be speaking to a support group there next Wednesday evening, but it is over three hours away from my home. Moffitt Cancer Center on the north side of Tampa comes highly recommended. Any other suggestions? Thanks- Pat

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  1. Steve's mom Says:

    When you go to the Support Group Meeting you will be able to find out where all of these people are treated. That is what is so great about Support Groups. You can hear about their success stories. I am so excited how well Stacy is doing at the U.of M. so far. I was concerned about her not going to Mayo but if this continues to go well for her then maybe there are other places than Mayo that are good.

  2. Richard Says:

    I live an hour north of Tampa in Spring Hill. I get my treatments at the Florida Cancer Institute – New Hope also in Spring Hill. I attend a support group every month at Mease Hospital in Clearwater. I would be happy to give you more information. My email address is [email protected]

  3. Jodi Underhill,MEd.,LMHC Says:

    We got to Moffitt from DeLand, Florida….my husband is Stage 3 MM. We first began at Anderson in Orlando…but have found Moffitt a much better fit!

    Jodi & Bill

  4. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Thanks, all! I have e-mailed Richard about attending Clearwater support group, which is about 40 minutes away. And Jodi, reassuring to hear your positive feedback about your husband's treatment at Moffitt. Please e-mail or call me if you like and we should talk sometime. [email protected] or 866-336-1696. Have a great week- Pat

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