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Cramps & New Drugs

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Cramps & New Drugs

After 29 cycles of Revlimid you would think I would know what to expect: Day/night number three means cramps. It hasn’t been as bad now that my dose has been reduced to only 10 mg a day. But early this morning – BAM! Cramps in both calves at the same time. I hate that! So, here I sit, up early, showered and dressed. This is as good a time as any to share with you part of an outline I took from an on-line seminar I just watched through the MMRF Website about future prospects for patients with refractory (relapsed) multiple myeloma:

* Proteasome inhibitors like Carfilzomib and NPI-0052
* IMIDs and pomalidomide
* 3 promising drugs from other classes currently in Phase III combination trials-

According to Doctor Susan Kelly, Chief Medical Officer of the MMRC, future research focus should be on the following:

* Personalized medicine using genetics and patient profiles
* Optimal sequence of therapies – which therapies should be used for each
individual patient, what should the doses be and which drugs should be
given first/next.
* Timing/need for stem cell transplants

Hey, at least they are starting to research the right things! My list would look exactly the same. I think the myeloma community is, for the most part, starting to work from the same page and this is very, very good news!
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat