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MLN-4924 & MLN-9708

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MLN-4924 & MLN-9708

Here are two more drugs that are expected to “work better” or “be better” than Velcade. I first wrote about both of these last July. Both are going to be manufactured by the same company, Millennium, that makes Velcade. MLN-4924. A new drug in Phase I trials that has shown encouraging results in pre-clinical trials against both hematologic and solid tumors. MLN-9708. Also in Phase I trials. Researchers at Millennium expect this drug to have fewer side effects, including peripheral neuropathy, than Velcade. Plus, MLN-9708 may also be available as a pill! Of course, the folks at Millennium are keeping the details pretty “close to the vest.” They are also understandably very excited about a number of other new drugs in the pipeline which are expected to work against prostate and lung cancer. The company has also achieved encouraging result in pre-clinical trials using some of the newest drugs, in combination, against leukemia and lymphoma. I should have more info about MLN-9708 when I visit Millennium in Boston again November 4th – 7th.
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