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More About The "Technical Side"

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More About The "Technical Side"

One of our readers, Jerry, just made an excellent comment about yesterday’s post. He likes the technical info and feels he can always skim over results or numbers that don’t interest him. Check out his comment and my response. I was trying to make two points. First, it takes most myeloma patients six months to a year (or longer)to even get up-to-speed and have the ability/interest to recognize and understand IgG, IgA, M-spike results and basic chemotherapy options. (Another argument for waiting a while after your initial diagnosis to proceed with a stem cell transplant, don’t you think?) I want newly diagnosed patients, who are already overwhelmed with their new normal, to feel like they are a part of our growing Online community. Second, I believe some patients get too hung-up on their own numbers and tests. I’m just concerned an obsession with numbers for a myleoma patient is a losing game. Our numbers will almost always creep-up at some point. How we continue to live positive, productive lives in the face of such adversity is the most important thing, isn’t it? And the great news is, for most of today’s myeloma patients, there is usually genuine hope in the next very expensive pill bottle or IV bag.
So feel good and keep smiling, my myeloma brothers and sisters! Pat