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What About Multiple Myeloma?

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What About Multiple Myeloma?

On my other blog, www.HelpWithCancer.Org, Pattie and I just commented about the NFL and how the league is helping to raise breast cancer awareness by having players and coaches wear pink shoe laces, hats and accessories before, during and after the games. Anyway, short and sweet, here is what we wrote:

The NFL Looks Good In Pink!
Anyone watching NFL football today would have noticed lots of pink shoes, hats, wrist bands and shoe laces, both on and off the field. Seems the NFL is working to promote breast cancer awareness in a big, big way. That’s a really great thing, as long as patients with other, less prevalent and well known cancers aren’t forgotten in the process.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

It really doesn’t bother me when a high profile cancer gets lots – no, all of the attention. Really. But what about myeloma, lymphoma or stomach cancer? What about ovarian, liver or bone cancer? Does it really take a high profile celebrity like Patrick Swayze to make us think about what it might be like to live and then die with pancreatic cancer? I guess that’s OK. But cancer isn’t one disease or disorder. It is hundreds of different types of cells gone haywire in hundreds of different ways. So what? Why am I rambling on and on about this at 11 PM Sunday evening? Simply stated, cancer awareness is fine. It is important. But since the word “cancer” describes so many different diseases and subsets within those diseases, it is starting to look like it will also take hundreds of different types of treatments to slow any number of cancer variations down. And that means researchers, drug companies and oncologists are all competing for a finite amount of resources and attention. Just something to think about.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat