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Hello Frances and Manisha!

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Hello Frances and Manisha!

Multiple myeloma is a serious topic. But I do end each post with: “Feel good and keep smiling!” So I thought it would be fun to thank and acknowledge two of our regular readers. Frances drove all the way from St. Augustine, Florida to meet me and hear me speak Wednesday at the support group meeting in Jacksonville. We had corresponded often and it made my long drive well worth the effort to be able to meet her. She is a warm and personable woman who is dealing with her multiple myeloma with enthusiastic resolve. Great meeting you, Frances! And here’s a shout-out to Manisha, one of Millennium’s brightest staffers! Serious, buttoned-up Manisha, who recently reminded me of one of our silly, punchy, after hour conversations following a long day of meetings in Boston. I mentioned possibly flying “Hooters Air” on an inexpensive trip home for the holidays. And she just can’t let it go! She e-mailed me Wednesday saying: “Hey Pat, why haven’t you mentioned “Hooters Air” on your blog!” Well, Manisha, I just did! Was that a dare? I’m checking to make sure you are paying attention, young lady!
I hope Manisha, Frances and all of my other readers remember to take time off this weekend to feel good and keep smiling! Pat