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Positive Outlook For Myeloma Patients!

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Positive Outlook For Myeloma Patients!

I continue to be haunted, (pun intended—Happy Halloween!) in a positive way by Dr. Anderson’s report Thursday. Now you need to understand, like a number of brilliant physicians, Dr. Anderson is not a dynamic speaker. His voice is a bit high and monotone. His presentation would not be memorable except for one important thing– you could feel the joy and satisfaction in Dr. Anderson’s voice as he summarized the treatment gains myeloma researchers have made over the past five years. How rewarding it must be for him and others who have worked so hard and for so many years to see patients living a decade or longer, rather than a few short years! And his optimism about the use of new combination therapies was palpable and real. As the teleconference concluded, I couldn’t’t help but also feel optimistic about my future! Everyone reading this post should feel the same way too! Good luck to all—
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat