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Thank you, Millennium!

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Thank you, Millennium!

Sorry I was out of touch yesterday! Technical problems with modems and routers and a host server located somewhere in New Jersey. Don’t you hate that! Technology– can’t live with it, can’t live without it! Anyway, returned from Boston last evening. Had an incredible four day experience at Millennium! A number of multiple myeloma patients from across the country all met in Cambridge, Massachusetts to help create an incredible, new, collaborative patient advocacy program sponsored by the drug company. But unfortunately, that’s all I can share with you at this time. Details are all being shielded under a corporate vale of silence. Seriously! But I can share with you that the doctors, nurses, patients, Millennium staff and writers I met there were amazing! Once launched, this program will aid myeloma patients world-wide on so many levels.
Feel good, keep smiling and rest easy knowing there are countless health care professionals working day and night to try and improve the lives of cancer patients everywhere!