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Another Patient Profile From ASH

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Another Patient Profile From ASH

I met Paula Van Riper at a breakfast meeting while in New Orleans. Paula is an older multiple myeloma survivor, but you wouldn’t know it after experiencing her incredibly high energy level! Having undergone just about every possible myeloma therapy, this New Jersey native was doing great–or so she thought. But she couldn’t help but become concerned about several chronically painful areas in different parts of her body. Paula insisted on getting a PET scan. Her persistence paid off. The scan showed her myeloma was still active, despite clean blood work and a normal bone marrow biopsy.

But this post isn’t about PET scans. (That can wait for my next article!) This post is about the grace and dignity with which Paula lives her life. A friend and advocate for other myeloma patients, Paula is an extraordinary woman–always smiling–always positive.

Feel good, keep smiling–and I hope that you too are lucky enough to meet Paula someday! Pat