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ASH From A Business Perspective

Posted on December 09 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 502 views

If you have been following my reports from ASH this past week, you may have noticed my abrupt changes in tone. One post I’m flying high, the next I seem flat or disappointed. Please remember I try and write from a patient’s perspective–and keep a patient’s point of view in mind. I too, am a patient! So I purposefully let my emotional interpretation of an encounter, article or clinical study show through.

Here’s proof I’m not the only one who rides a roller coaster of emotion. Celgene stock fell yesterday, despite positive news from a number of different studies, including data showing that using Revlimid as maintenance therapy works better than expected. Go to this CNBC/Associated Press link for additional and worthwhile details.

Feel good and keep smiling! More to follow later this morning- Pat

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