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Day One – I’m Exhausted, Yet Exhilarated!

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Day One – I’m Exhausted, Yet Exhilarated!

I started the day with an early breakfast meeting, and ended the day at a cocktail party/reception/awards presentation for outstanding multiple myeloma researchers. Don’t these people realize I have cancer! The walking, the standing, the “smoozing.” (my term for kissing-up and smiling so much it hurts!) That’s OK, because I wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t wait until tomorrow’s clinical presentations!

Let me grab a bite to eat before my blood sugar drops to zero! Back soon to describe one of the truly special nights of my life–and to share the details of my interview with Dr. Robert Kyle, the man many myeloma experts call “the father of modern multiple myeloma therapy.”

But first, maybe I’ll hustle around the corner to a famous New Orleans landmark, Mother’s Restaurant, and try their fried oysters! Feel good and keep smiling! Pat