Ouch! Another large myeloma drug study in the main auditoriam. The venue was full–over 4000 docs and clinitians–standing room only. Why? To listen to a Spanish study showing drug combination results with Velcade. Another damn melphalan/prednisone-based study! I need to pause here and ask you (and me!) to remember that European regulators seems far more strict than our FDA. (How is that possible?) The study compared melphalan/prednisone/Velcade with Thalomid and Velcade in different combinations. Surprise, surprise–Thalomid/Velcade did better in combo than melphalan/prednisone/Velcade. Bet you didn’t see that coming! Does Vegas or London have a betting pool on these studies? We all could have made some cash! One positive note: The overall survival rate for Thalomid/Velcade was “off the chart.” Again, this is a very limited chart showing 3 year survival. But the study concluded using the T/V combo as maintenance really works!

Back to work–next stop should be a good one–therapy updates in newly diagnosed young myeloma patients. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat