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Hello From Cold, Snowy New Orleans!

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Hello From Cold, Snowy New Orleans!

Cold and snow? Guess I should have packed a coat! Seriously–winter storm advisory out for tonight. Of course, down here that means snow flurries and some sleet! Still, it was cold this afternoon walking along the river in just my sport coat and dress shirt. But who cares about the weather! I will be inside, reporting from ASH, starting tonight. The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is sponsoring an evening symposium called “Optimal Management of Newly Diagnosed and Relapsed/Refractory Disease.” Hmm–sounds a little dry. Should I sneak over to the French Quarter and try one of those tall, watered-down drinks at Pat O’Briens? Try to find some bead wearing party gals? NO WAY! For one thing, it’s too cold! For another, who would write my blog post tonight? And seriously, the line-up is impressive! Dr. Durie from California, Dr. Rajkumar from Mayo Clinic, Dr. Boccadoro from Italy, Dr. Orlowski with M.D. Anderson in Houston and Dr. Moreau, all the way from Nantes, France! How cool (pun intended!) is that! Time to head over to the meetings. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat