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Living with Multiple Myeloma Book Orders Come From All Over The World!

Posted on December 21 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 732 views

Today I sent out copies of my book, Living with Multiple Myeloma, to readers in New York, Ohio and Maryland.  Recently I filled international orders to Chile and Indonesia.  I am so glad I can help!  Interestingly enough, orders are usually placed by caregivers–wives, husbands or friends–rather than the patient themselves.  All that matters is someone gets involved and helps patients take responsibility for their own care.  Remember, being diagnosed with multiple myeloma is difficult, not just because the patient is sick, but because treatment options have become so complicated.  Staying informed and taking an active role in therapy decisions can add years to a patient’s life–not to mention how greatly their quality of life can be enhanced and improved!

Feel good, keep smiling, keep reading, asking questions, learning and fighting!  Pat

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