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Neuropathy Follow-Up

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Neuropathy Follow-Up

I get lots and lots of e-mail responses to my posts. Here is a follow-up response to my article about neuropathy from a few days ago:


Great blog post. The article linked below discusses possible causes
of PN from mm and chemos- also possible remedies of supplementation, B
vitamins, ALA plus
cremes, gels, etc-

As for my own PN, mild exercise always seems to help my legs feel

David Emerson

Thanks, David! Don’t forget about magnesium oil. Friends in the Minneapolis/St Paul myeloma support group swear by it! A company named LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc sent me some samples of “Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil” a few months back. Think I am going to try some for my hands and fingers.
Feel good and keep smiling, everyone! Pat