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New Clinical Trial Using Vorinostat Plus Velcade

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New Clinical Trial Using Vorinostat Plus Velcade

While I was in New Orleans at AHS, I had a chance to meet Dr. Kenneth Anderson, a myeloma specialist with Dana-Farber in Boston and Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Anderson is a small man–quiet and reserved.  So if he gets excited about something, you notice!  So as I passed the large Merck Pharmaceutical exhibit in the New Orleans Convention Center the following day, I heard a familiar monotone voice, but with that now familiar hint of excitement, coming from a nearby TV monitor.  It was Dr. Anderson, extolling the virtues of vorinostat and promoting several new Phase 2 studies involving the drug.  I was late for a meeting, but I still took time to listen to Dr. Anderson’s presentation.  The first studies combining vorinostat with Revlimid went exceedingly well.   Next, researchers are interested in confirming preliminary results showing vorinostat may work even better when combined with Velcade. Here is a link to one of those studies using vorinostat with Velcade in patients with refractory myeloma.  There are others as well.  Of all the drugs I saw previewed at ASH, vorinostat intrigues me most.  Apparently it works with either Revlimid or Velcade.  It isn’t promising the moon and stars, just improved performance.  And if Dr. Anderson is excited about it–so am I!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat