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PET Scans Becoming Important Myeloma Diagnostic Tool

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PET Scans Becoming Important Myeloma Diagnostic Tool

Yesterday I wrote about myeloma patient Paula Van Riper and mentioned her doctor found otherwise undetectable bone lesions by using a PET scan. Did you know the IMF tirelessly spearheaded an effort to get Medicare to pay for PET scans for multiple myeloma patients recently? And they were successful! The International Myeloma Foundation’s work paved the way for Medicare approval. But it didn’t stop there. Once Medicare agreed to pay for the test, as is often the case, most other insurance carriers soon followed. My good friend, Don Wright, from St. Paul, Minnesota, was also in New Orleans. He needed a PET scan to help determine his myeloma had moved from the smoldering stage into his bone.

Thank you, IMF, for helping patients like Paula and Don and many, many others use PET scans to help their doctors identify their myeloma early enough to stop it in it’s tracks!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat