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Today Is The Day…

Posted on December 17 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 565 views

I am getting ready to grab my coat and rush out the door for an appointment with my medical oncologist Dr. Anderson.  Today is the day I learn if my myeloma has indeed returned–if my M-spike is measurable for the first time in eighteen months.  Two months ago I received a report from Dr. Anderson referencing a possible recurrence–reemergence–reappearance.  Anyway you say it, my myeloma may be back.  If it is we will deal with it–just like many of my readers do everyday.  Maybe I will get a chance to try one or more of the exciting, new experimental drugs I have been writing about! 

Even so, I am feeling good and no matter what the news–I am going to keep smiling!  Wish me luck!  Pat

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  1. Gurmeet Says:

    Wish you all the best for your appointment with your oncologist. We are all with you on our journey to fight this monster of MM.I am sure the confidence and positive attitude you posses will be helpful to deal with the new situation.
    You are a warrior and your services through your posts in your blogs helped me a lot to understand MM and its cure. I pray for your good health.
    Gurmeet Sandhu

  2. Bob OC Says:

    Best of luck, Pat. My family is thinking of you and praying for you…

  3. Steven L. Ritter Says:

    Good luck pat… Praying that it holds off a little longer!!!

  4. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    I'm touched! Thank's all! My news was good…Check Friday's post for details- Pat

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