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Wisconsin Badgers Crush Miami In Champs Sports Bowl–Sweet!

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Wisconsin Badgers Crush Miami In Champs Sports Bowl–Sweet!

My wife Pattie and I drove the short two hours east to Orlando yesterday to watch our Wisconsin Badgers play the Miami Hurricanes in the Champs Sports Bowl.  We both graduated from the University of Wisconsin and take UW sports very seriously.  Indirectly, that is how we ended up moving to Florida in the first place.  For the past five years, the UW football team played in various bowl games here in Florida.  And for the past five years, Pattie and I flew down to support the team and watch the games.  Once here, we visited with Pattie’s family and explored the state–heading in a different direction each year.  We saw St. Augustine to the northeast and Fort Myers Beach in the southwest.  Two years ago we even took a short cruise out of Tampa to Key West.  As we became more familiar with Florida it made it easier for us to make the move this past year.  One of the primary reasons we relocated:  The myeloma related holes in my bones make it hard for me to endure the cold or shovel snow–not to mention the constant fear of slipping on the ice and breaking an already weakened bone. 

Back to the game.  We won!  We beat the much higher ranked and highly touted Miami football team 20-14.  The band played.  The cold wind blew (It was really, really cold–at least for Florida!) and the team played great!  I’m not sure why winning a game like this is so important.  But trust me, after traveling over 1300 miles each way for five of the last six years, enduring snowy runways, heat and cold. it all seems much more memorable and wothwhile when your team wins–and we have experienced both winning and losing on these trips–the team has won three and lost three.

It was warmer today, so we played tourist and visited Downtown Disney and drove around Universal and Sea World.  Fun! 

24 hours later we are back home–our new home–in Weeki Wachee, Florida.  Back to the world of multiple myeloma tomorrow.  But for today,  I feel good and yes, I am smiling!  Go Badgers!