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Your Comments Are Always Welcome! Watch For Multiple Posts Each Day This Week!

Posted on December 08 2009 by Pat Killingsworth | 706 views

Yesterday, one of our readers named Jan commented on the IMF Patient Bill of Rights push for reimbursement equity between oral and IV chemotherapy medications this way:

I paid a copay when on revlimid. Didn’t have any problem doing it. While I realize others might, don’t you see that if you change the system, someone still has to pay for it…government, higher insurance premiums, etc….we have to be responsible for some of own costs.

Here was my response:

I agree, Jan! But the point is it isn’t fair to pay one way for one type of chemo but another way for a different type of chemo. Why should someone be penalized because they are taking oral chemo vs chemo by IV? The IMF is calling for equity, not a handout. Pat

I was intrigued by her comment. When you are surrounded by something and fully emerced in a project, sometimes you can loose perspective. I never thought about the IMF’s Five Principles/Patient Bill of Rights as being controversial or even open to criticism, for that matter. I’m going to think about this and keep it in mind as I prepare my five part series about the program–starting tomorrow–on our www.HelpWithCancer.Org site. I’m working hard on this series. I don’t want it just to be a series of IMF press releases. Similarly, I’m not sure anyone has noticed, (except maybe the PR writers!) but I don’t like to copy and paste or even link to press releases very often on this site. Instead I try to interpret the “spin” from an informed patient’s point of view. I’m not trying to shield or hide information–you can always Google the lead-line and easily find a release. I will try to link to more of these releases in the future to make it easier for you.

I am going to continue posting three or four times a day for the next week. There is too much myeloma related info swirling around to wait!
Feel good, keep reading and keep smiling! Pat

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