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In Memory Of Fellow Multiple Myeloma Patient Josephine Baker

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In Memory Of Fellow Multiple Myeloma Patient Josephine Baker

There has been so much positive news and progress made on the multiple myeloma front, we can all forget that some of our fellow patients are still dying.  I received this e-mail from Jo Marie late last week about the death of her mother, Josephine Baker.  I asked Jo Marie if I could share it with you.  Here is her response, followed by the original e-mail:

Pat and Pattie,

Thanks for your kind words. Absolutely, do post whatever you want.
I am looking forward to sitting back and listening and perhaps helping
someone from our experiences.
Please feel free to ask for my help with any MM cause. FYI….the obituary
is suggesting that donations be made to the Chris Hollyer Research Fund,
International Myeloma Foundation…..we need to find a cure.

Jo Marie Gray

Now, the original e-mail:

This evening my mother, Josephine Baker, passed away after a 6 year battle
with Multiple Myeloma.
It was a peaceful passing with her family by her side. There was no
struggle, just a gentle passing.
I would still like to be a part of this listserve. Perhaps, I can offer some
help to someone else who has need of information that I have garnered over
the time of my mom’s illness.
We were lucky, there was never a day of pain…we had wonderful doctors,
nurses and technicians working with us.
his is hardest on my father. They were both 87 years old, married 61 years
in October. They had a love that the rest of us can only dream of. It was
very difficult to watch my father, who only came to the realization that
Mom’s passing was imminent within the past few days.
I admire all of you who are braving the MM storm..I will always be there for

Jo Marie Gray

Thank’s for allowing us to share that, Jo Marie!  Six special years spent with friends and family.  It sounds like Josephine made the most of their time together!
Feel good, keep smiling and try and appreciate each and every day!  Pat