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Patient Suggestions To Help Neuropathy Symtoms

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Patient Suggestions To Help Neuropathy Symtoms

I have been e-mailing with a number of myeloma patients recently about ideas to help improve peripheral neuropathy (PN) symptoms.  Several e-mailed back with suggestions that might help:

1)  Metanx, a prescription strength vitamin B complex.  Staff at Little Rock, Arkansas sometimes prescribe it 2x daily (can be taken 3x daily) in combination with Lyrica and Cymbalta. 

2) Alpha Lipoic Acid. Opinions varied about Dosage.  600 mg twice a day worked for one patient. Another recommended up to 2400 mg/day.

3) B6, B12 (shots if you can get them – weekly), Foilic Acid, and B Complex were also recommended.

4) Another patient takes alpha lipoic acid with acetyl carnitine, along with B-complex and omega 3 fish oils.

I use Alpha Lipoic Acid (but not in such high doses – maybe I should try more!) along with B Complex and an inexpensive RX drug, Gabapentin.  But I’m afraid I haven’t found anything that truly helps me – except for taking a drug holiday!
Feel good and keep smiling, everyone!  Thanks for the suggestions- Pat