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Update About Gabapentin

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Update About Gabapentin

Friday I wrote this short post about Gabapentin, and how I believed it had been subtly helped my neuropathy for years:

There seems to be a wide variety of opinions about how effective the neuropathy drug, gabapentin (brand name Neurontin) really is. Most myeloma patients with neuropathy I have spoken with dismiss it as irrelevant. So when I switched insurance plans after January 1st, I decided to let it go—to not refill the gabapentin perscription I had been taking for years. After all, why take more medication than one really needs, right? And then there is that annoying new co-pay and the hassle of calling and getting the script switched to my new Florida pharmacy…

It has been four days since I took my last gabapentin capsule. I wasn’t sure initially, but it had felt like my neuropathy was a bit worse the first few nights. Last night, my lower legs were measurably more uncomfortable—tingling and burning—they felt like they were “asleep” all night—but I wasn’t! And my fingers seem stiffer and numb as well. I’m at the end of my two week Revlimid drug holiday, so that shouldn’t have anything to do with it…
That’s enough anecdotal evidence for me! Back to my neighborhood, Cigna approved CVS pharmacy today for a re-fill!
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

I started taking my usual, relatively small dose of 300 mgs again Saturday night.  I also started on my regular two week maintenance cycle of 10 mgs Revlimid Sunday night.  Despite adding the Revlimid–which would usually add to my neuropathy for the first three or four days of my two week cycle–my neuropathy has improved by at least 50% since I resumed taking gabapentin.  Cool!  I noticed it began to help as early as Sunday night.  Last night (Tuesday) I experienced almost no numbness, burning or cramping.  Very cool!  Gabapentin isn’t a wonder drug. but considering the relatively low cost and high level of safety, I believe anyone experiencing drug induced peripheral neuropathy should give it a try!  Pat