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"We Have Put Too Much Emphasis On Survival Of The Pharmaceutical Companies & Not Enough Focus On The Survival Of The Patients!"

Posted on January 01 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 814 views

Yesterday’s post referenced a number of readers who were critical of my “main stream” reporting concerning multiple myeloma related therapies.  One of them, Margaret from Italy, makes this wonderful point in an e-mail I recieved from her a few days ago:

In the words of Prof. Aggarwal, who works in the Department of Experimental Therapeutics at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, “If we continue to prevent and treat cancer the way we are currently doing and have been doing for the past 50 years, the next 50 years will not be any different. We have to learn to think outside the box. We have put too much emphasis on survival of the pharmaceutical companies and not enough focus on the survival of the patients.” Hear, hear.

Stable curcumin-taking SMM in Florence, Italy.

It’s hard to argue with logic like that!  Thanks, Margaret!
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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  1. Sid Says:

    Margaret has a good point there Pat.
    We have to focus on the big picture.
    I would like the Pharmaceutical companies to put more effort into acknowledging and solving the side effects of their treatments.
    It's all very well for them to say look, look, we are extending the life of myeloma patients.
    The downside is the side effects, some quite debilitating.
    PS. Good health for 2010 to Pat and Pattie.

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Thanks, Sid! I agree! Also, what about a cure? Money motive right now seems to be in treatment, not curing myeloma or other cancers, for that matter! Pat

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