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Monthly Archives: February 2010

28 02, 2010

What Should I Do Now That My Multiple Myeloma Has Returned?

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Yesterday I began to explore and share the short term therapy options for my returning (refractory) multiple myeloma. Summing things up I wrote: “To use a military analogy, all myeloma patients are all fighting a delaying action. We are stalling—holding off the enemy for as long as we can until reinforcements arrive.”I also wrote how

28 02, 2010

Short-Term Options For Treating My Refractory (Reoccurring) Multiple Myeloma – Along With A Visit To The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge

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OK—so my multiple myeloma is back. Short and simple: Now what do I do? When I was first faced with this possibility several months ago, I wrote about how each and every long term mm survivor I had interviewed over the past few years recommended following the same approach—stick with the last treatment that worked

26 02, 2010

My Multiple Myeloma Is Back

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For the past six months, Dr. Anderson in Minnesota and Dr. Alsina at Moffitt Cancer Center here in Florida have been closely monitoring my IgG kappa paraprotein levels through blood work.  After two years of complete response (CR) or remission, my last two lab reports indicated my myeloma might be returning—although the M-spike (the test

22 02, 2010

We Need To Be Open & Honest About All Multiple Myeloma Therapies–No Matter How Radical Or "Out There" They May Seem!

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I have been recieving e-mails about Saturday's Total Therapy post. Actually, I am starting to hear about and learn about many different forms of alternative multiple myeloma treatments--some minor "tweaking" of conventional "standard of care" type therapies--some all out, radical, kamikazi style protocols. Most who correspond aren't willing to go "on the record" and let

22 02, 2010

Multiple Myeloma Drug Maker Celgene’s Future May Not Be Rosey

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I read an interesting business article about Celgene, makers of the mutliple myeloma drug I take, Revlimid.  You can read the article, "It's the End of Days for Celgene's Multiple-Myeloma Drug Franchise" written by David Phillips and posted on Feb 16, 2010 by clicking on the following link:  BNet/Celgene/Revlimid.Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

21 02, 2010

Real World/First Hand Patient Account Of How Different Novel Therapy Combinations Can Work In Unexpected & Surprising Ways

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I get e-mails from multiple myeloma patients like this one each and everyday.  I found Dick's story both compelling and instructive: Pat, I was diagnosed IIIB light chain in 2001 at the age of 65 and treated with pulsed dex initially, followed by ASCT in June, 2002. This gave me 3 years of CR. As

19 02, 2010

Multiple Myeloma Patient Elijah Alexander’s Tackle Cancer Foundation

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Earlier today I posted part of an article about Mayo Clinic's use of a mobile research unit to try and reach minorities with multiple myeloma in Jacksonville, Florida.  A friend of mine, former NFL linebacker and multiple myeloma survivor Elijah Alexander, is also trying to reach forgotten African Americans with multiple myeloma on a larger

18 02, 2010

Information About Use Of Medrol To Control Peripheral Neuropathy In Multiple Myeloma Patients

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One of our readers mentioned Medrol as a possible alternative or addition to an anti-peripheral neuropathy (PN) regimen during my three part series about PN earlier this week.  Here is part of what MedicineNet.Com says about Medrol:Pharmacy Author: Omudhome Ogbru, PharmD Medical and Pharmacy Editor: Jay W. Marks, MDGENERIC NAME: methylprednisolone BRAND NAME: Medrol, Depo-Medrol

17 02, 2010

Multiple Myeloma Drug, Vorinostat, Phase II Trial To Move Forward

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Here is a press release, posted on the Drug Discovery & Development Website from Merck Pharmaceuticals about the new, experimental multiple myeloma drug, Vorinostat:Board Recommends Continuation of Phase IIb Study of VorinostatDrug Discovery & Development - February 15, 2010Merck & Co., Inc. announced that an independent Data Safety and Monitoring Board recommended the continuation of

16 02, 2010

More Anti-Neuropathy Tips From Multiple Myeloma Patients For Multiple Myeloma Patients

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I have been exchanging e-mails with a fellow multiple myeloma patient, Jim, about the symptoms of neuropathy and how to improve them.  Here is one of his recent e-mails with real world advice for those of us who suffer from--or are trying to prevent PN:Pat,Thanks for getting back to me. I am sure you probably know

15 02, 2010

Peripheral Neuropathy: A Daily Burden For Most Multiple Myeloma Patients

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Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is an ever present consideration for any multiple myeloma patient considering which therapy path to take. My posts from the past few days are a good example of this. Thalomid and Velcade are notorious for causing PN. Not in all patients, of course—and the symptoms and severity vary from patient to patient. The

14 02, 2010

Final Thoughts From My First Two Visits To Moffit Cancer Center In Tampa, Florida

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I left my first visit to Moffitt feeling positive.  As our appointment ended, Dr. Alsina suggested I return one week later for blood and urine tests--and a full body bone survey.  Pattie and I felt this was a good idea, since it had been several months since my last M-spike, and several years since anyone

14 02, 2010

More About Moffitt Cancer Center In Tampa, Florida

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Yesterday I shared my first impressions of  Moffitt Cancer Center, which is just north of Tampa.  I found that, like Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Moffitt was a warm and welcoming place.  Moffitt is much smaller than Mayo.  It is easier to find your way around.  But what about the techs, doctors and nurses? My visit last

12 02, 2010

Reflections From My First Visits To Moffitt Cancer Center In Tampa, Florida

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After you have been a Mayo Clinic patient, it is tough for anywhere else to measure-up!  Some may not agree with their treatment philosophies--or may feel uncomfortable with the sheer size of the place--especially at the original location in Rochester, Minnesota.  But few can dispute all three of the Mayo clinics are organized and elegant.  Yes, elegant. 

11 02, 2010

International Myeloma Foundation Features Helpful Information About Clinical Trials For Multiple Myeloma Patients

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The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) has an excellent Website.  I have had a number of inquiries lately from patients, like me, who's current therapy is starting to become less effective. One of the features on the IMF site helps multiple myeloma patients learn more about clinical trials which might apply to them--perfect for those of

10 02, 2010

Cervical, Uterine & Ovarian Cancer Info Series Starts On www.HelpWithCancer.Org Today

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My wife, Pattie, is a cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer survivor.  I'm so proud of her!  She is doing great--almost seven years since her last surgery or chemotherapy, and she is still cancer free today.  I envy her sometimes... At the six year point, Pattie is very likely cured.  She endured two major surgeries and