According to an article on last week’s, multiple myeloma is one of the more expensive cancers to treat, even if you have good health insurance. Here is a link to that article:  5 Tips to Cover the Costs of Multiple Myeloma.  The article is very basic.  Actually, I was a bit disappointed.  Nothing new for experienced mm patients and caregivers.  What is encouraging is the growing number of articles and news reports like this one, acknowledging the high costs multiple myeloma patients face each and every year!  From time to time I have promoted the International Myeloma Foundation’s Cancer Statement of Principles.  One of the cornerstone’s of their awareness campaign–aimed at the public, healthcare professionals and lawmakers–specifically targets the hardships mm patients face when taking oral chemotherapy medications which aren’t covered under Medicare Part B or many private insurance plans, sometimes leaving cancer patients responsible to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.  Go to the IMF’s Cancer Patient Statement of Principles to learn more.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat