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Abstract Link For Multiple Myeloma Research Study In England

Posted on March 16 2010 by Pat Killingsworth | 602 views

I’m not sure why I found this British abstract about multiple myeloma interesting–maybe because it was basic and easy to read–while providing a different European perspective.  Here is part of the abstract titled, Trends in the incidence and survival of multiple myeloma in South East England 1985-2004 (2010), by Renshaw, Christine,Ketley, Nicolas,Møller, Henrik,Davies, Elizabeth A :

Abstract Background: Multiple myeloma is an uncommon cancer with a poor prognosis. Its incidence is expected to increase due to ageing populations and better diagnosis, and new treatments have been developed to improve survival. Our objective was to investigate trends in the epidemiology and survival of multiple myeloma for South East England. Methods Data on 15,010 patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma between 1985 and 2004 was extracted from the Thames Cancer Registry database.

Here is a link to the site where I found this abstract:
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